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Banoffee pie and christmas parties

Posted on 2 December 2011 by e-news

MASG Christmas invite

Come along to the MASG Christmas party
Sunday 11th of December @ 3pm at Susie Burke’s house, 23 Lawson Pde
What to bring: byo everything …a plate to share, a musical instrument to play (if you wish)

Dress up or plait yourself as your favourite community renewable energy

Optional fancy dress- come as your own favourite community renewable energy project.

Banoffee pie leads to Winds of Change: MASG AGM report !

The MASG AGM was held on Wednesday the 30th of November. Over 30 people attended, including one visitor who travelled up from Northecote inspired by MASG’s work and wishing to see if he could set up a similar group in his suburb.

A MASG report of activities and achievements during 2010/11 was circulated and representatives of the 11 working groups briefly presented the highlights from their sections of the report.

Download the MASG Report of activities here (206kb).Report to the MASG AGM 2011

A Transition Plan was also presented, outlining how the committee is working to make the organisation work effectively on less core funding. Download  the Transition Plan here (59kb)MASG Transition Plan 2011

Derek then presented the Treasurer’s report for 2010/11. Download the Treasurer’s report here (48kb).MASG Finances 2011 agm report

Finally MASG committee members Susie and Carolyn thanked the staff and committee of management for their hard work during the year and fare welled Deanna Neville whose Comfy Homes Project is due to finish early in the new year and committee members Bron Machin, Derek DeVries, Miles Bennett and Hugh Finlay.

Nominations were then accepted for the new committee of management. The MASG committee of management is:
Renominating members

Jacinta Walsh
Susie Burke
Carolyn Neilson
Natalie Moxham
& new committee members
Rhonda Chapman
Tim Hurley
Tim Ford

Banoffee Pie: not for the feint hearted

Carolyn Neilson then presented the famous Banoffee Pie to Susie Burke acknowledging the enormous effort she had contributed to MASG and sustainability over the past 12 months….after the Banoffee pie the meeting was turned over to MASG Community Wind Project Coordinator Jarra Hicks.

Jarra presented to the audience a summary of her research on over 50 community renewable energy projects from around the world.

The meeting then ended with a short selection of comedy videos. View some of them by clicking on these links:
Lord Moncton is really Sacha Baron Cohen
If Star wars was made by Environmentalists

How many environmentalists does it take to change a lightbulb?

Wind Energy blows the Earth of its axis: Fox news spoof


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