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Big Turnout, big crane as big solar kicks off in Castlemaine

Posted on 13 March 2012 by e-news

The local launch of the big solar campaign kicked off in fine style on Saturday the 10th.

With over 120 people and Matt Boyle’s big crane we really made a statement about how popular solar power is in Castlemaine.

Here are a few photos from the day.

 The big photo, Matt’s truck is just off camera.


Sunny (aka Sandy) and the big solar supporter kids

The organising team of Amy, Raffa, Bernie and Dean  would like to thank the following folk for their contribution:

Matt Wobbly (photographer), Matt Boyle and Anna Winneke (Pumphouse design for the big truck and crane), Sandy (the sun suit star), David Woodgrove and Ross Eggleton (solar panels), Ian Hutchinson and David (for making the big solar sign) , Ian Lillington & Eliza Tree for sheep dogging on the day, Maya and Hanna for helping with the sign on sheets, Winters Flat PS and Castlemaine North PS and Jayson from Tonks Bros.

The campaign will now be going out talking to local folk at markets, in the street and at other events as we aim to poll 5oo people to gauge the understanding  and support for big solar in our area.

 If you want to help contact Dean on 0448 327 791 or email

See the media coverage and more photographs below

Sandy on the front page of the Castlemaine Mail Friday March 16th











Story inside from Friday 16th March Castlemaine Mail




Amy Satler talks to the assembled 110 solar enthusiasts

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