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Statement on the proposed Bioenergy Facility


Mount Alexander Sustainability Group are engaged in a project to build a Bioenergy from Waste facility built in the Mt Alexander Shire to process local and regional organic waste and provide clean energy in return.

The proposed location for the bioenergy facility is at the Don KR Smallgoods’ plant in Castlemaine, on a currently unused section of land.

As an organisation MASG is committed to significantly reduce the region’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions and to encourage, support and partner with other organisations and business to help the shire reach this target. The proposed bioenergy facility helps MASG meet these objectives by creating renewable, clean energy while enabling one of the region’s larger industries to reduce their emissions by 88,500 tonne per year.

What is Bioenergy

Bioenergy is one of the oldest forms of energy generation available to humans, where organic material is broken down or combusted in order to produce usable carbon neutral energy. In the context of this proposed community bioenergy facility there are two complementary forms of extracting clean energy from pre-sorted organic waste material: 1) biodigester (anaerobic) which consumes wet material (food and garden waste etc) to produce biogas, and 2) pyrolysis-gasifier which consumes dry organic material (woody waste, crop stubble etc) to produce biochar and clean syngas.

Further details about this project can be found at

Please join us at our Bioenergy Community Briefing on 19/8/21 at Castlemaine Town Hall Click here for more details.


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