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Climate Change: 350 ppm for a safe climate Saturday Oct 24th

Posted on 14 October 2009 by e-news

Saturday October 24th 8.30am- 9.30am
Market Building, Mostyn St. Castlemaine.

350 for a safe climate, Mount Alexander’s part of the International Day of Action on Climate Change.

What we need you to do !
*Make pre-event ice sculptures around town
*Make one or more 2l ice blocks for the big ice sculpture, and drop them off by 8.30am
*Assist in making the ice sculpture on the day
*Get painted up on Oct 24th either full body or in part.
*Turn up for the human sign photo by 9.20am for 15 minutes
*Staff or helping out on the information table (between 9am-1pm)

Contact Dean on or 54 70 6978 for details.

The Mount Alexander Sustainability Group will help coordinate a family friendly event inviting local people to take part in the international day of awareness raising around 350 ppm.There will be fun things for the kids to do, and information and activities for older people as well.

350 refers to 350 parts per million of C02 concentration in the atmosphere. Leading climate scientists say this is now considered the maximum concentration of C02 required for a ‘safe’ climate future.

The event one of thousands being coordinated by in over 150 countries across the globe on the 24th of October.

Many political leaders have said that they need to feel supported by the community if they are to take real action on climate change and negotiate treaties and policies based on a 350 ppm target. This is our chance to support our political decision makers and enable them to take act on our behalf and on behalf of our children.

The Event:
The MASG 350 project is a rolling series of local events that builds local awareness of the “350 ppm for a safe climate” which culminates in a “Climate Change: 350 ppm CO2 for a safe climate” on Saturday 24th October at the Market Building Castlemaine.
1. Pre-event: small ephemeral sculptures of melting ice with messages around the 350ppm theme placed in varying places around the shire.
These ice sculptures “melting” around town will be in prominent places in the upcoming week containing messages around the 350 theme which become revealed as ice melts. Ice sculptures will be made by schoolkids, MASG members and local artists.
These events will build momentum towards the main event and will generate curiosity and public interest. The sculptures appear and melt away which is enigmatic and fun.
2. Oct 24th event: “climate change 350ppm for a safe climate”A large banner will be hung from the Market building with the 350 message. Below are gathered 3 people painted in body art portraying the 350 concept. We will be placing 350 ice blocks (2 litre Ice Cream containers) that contain their own messages ( “350ppm” “safe climate-real deal at Copenhagen” “renewables now” etc ) written on small sheets of canvass. These ice pieces are made into an Ice sculpture built on the market building steps that slowly melts over the day revealing the messages. People gather in front of the sculpture and banner at 9.30am to make a human sign for a photograph. An information and craft type table will be set up for the public.

Body Art
3 people will be painted up on Oct 24th by internationally reknowned body paint artist Ambah (see her work here). If you wanted to be one of those lucky people please contact Dean as soon as possible.
On the morning from 8am we will have stencils and body paints available if more people wish to join in to stencil the 350 number on thier arm etc for the photograph.

Outline of the day
6am Ray Bradfields opens and model painting starts
8am 350 Banner Hung (until 1pm)
8.30am Ice Sculpture Starts: Please drop off your Ice blocks by 8.30am, or earlier by prior arrangements. Stencils and body paint available for self painted 350 messages
9am Information table set up (staffed by vols until 1pm)
9.20am People begin to form human sign of “350”
9.30am Photograph
1 pm Information stall closes.

Download how to make your ice block
Draft letter to write to our politicians here some-suggestions-for-letters-to-politicians
The link to the 350 event in Castlemaine is at the 350 page here.

Ice scuptures in the street

If you want to spread the word feel free to put out your own Ice scuptures in the next week. Please respect private property and make sure folk can’t slip over them.
Some ideas to stimulate your imagination…

Finally, some images of other climate change actions by MASG members

Over 100 cyclists converge on the Town Hall calling for safe bike paths

Over 40 members At the Bendigo office of federal MP Steve Gibbons calling for a minimum of a 40% reduction of Australia’s emissions by 2020

18 members take theatre into the local supermarket as part of a world wide wake up call in September.

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