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enews April 5th…the Festival continues….

Posted on 5 April 2007 by e-news


It’s been a great/incredible festival so far. Here are a few photos of visitors to the Festival who have used our free bike loan service. More photos from the MASG festival file will be up soon, and also see the ABC festival site which has some good pics and stories.

Still to come:

* Friday 10.30am at the Hub – story teller Sue Bailey from Isle of Wight, England, plus hot cross buns, excellent tea or coffee and visit the bountiful providore,
* Saturday from 10 – 2. Last day for the Providore – sample the incredible range of good food and drinks, all from our local area,
* Sunday from 10 – family fun in the Botanical Gardens, Castlemaine, with MASG members running the wash-against-waste trailer to reduce the use of disposables and our MASG info stall.


*The Easter Lights for the Maldon Easter Festival will be powered by wind sourced accredited GreenPower organised by MASG and supplied by Origin Energy.

*MASG Office will be short staffed next week due to Ian on Leave, Bron working elsewhere and Dean involved in meetings/post festival clean up. Please be patient we are not in the office/able to quickly answer the phone. Leave a message and we will get back to you.

*CSIRO project with the major employees and industries in town continues with MASG convening the first project steering committee this Friday the 13th @ KR Castlemaine

*The Solar working Group is convening Tuesday 10th with Nick Lanyon of Ballarat Renewable Energy & Zero Emissions, a sister organisation, will be discussing the bulk purchase solar hot water project. See previous edigests for details or click here for the registration link.

*MASG is hosting electric car builder Mr Rex Blade on Thursday 12th. This meeting also involves prominent local automotive industry business people. See his website for details of the new Australian made electric car retrofits that are available.

*MASG will be hosting local federal MP the honorable Mr Steve Gibbons on Thursday 12th to discuss our work and future opportunities for working with the Commonwealth.

Other events – not endorsed by MASG

*Ballarat: Big BREAZE Brainstorm on Sat. 21st April between 12:30 – 4pm. Gathering of community, experts, council, and media people to toss around ideas around emissions reduction, priorities, strategies to implement etc. Possibility of getting a bus of MASGers down for the brainstorm to do some cross fertilization. If you are interested, contact Nick Lanyon on or the MASG office 54706978.

Final word

For all those festival romances…..

“And the best and the worst of this is,
That neither is most to blame,
If you have forgotten my kisses,
And I have forgotten your name”
A.C Swinburne (from An Interlude)

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