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  • Office drop in hours To assist the smooth running of our office we are open for drop in visits from 3pm to 5pm Monday to Friday. We are happy to make appointments outside of these hours to see you just ring us on 5470 6978. Volunteers working on current projects or picking up printed material for distribution can still drop in when mutually convenient.
  • Movie Screening invites go out MASG collated and sent out invitations to 550 business and community leaders in our shire to the private screening on November 23rd. If you didn’t get an invite please don’t be aggrieved, it may be because seats are limited and we are trying to contact those community leaders who may not otherwise be as informed about climate change as our members and supporters. Many thanks to the busy volunteers who have beavered away compiling the invitation list and stuffed envelopes with invitations.
  • Castlemaine State Festival Working Groups If you would like to be involved in one of the working groups to help make the SF carbon neutral contact Carolyn 5470 6978
  • Quick and Clean Fridays approximately 18 people attended the Quick and Clean Friday gathering last Friday 3rd Nov. A lively discussion with useful brainstorming was held on the following issues:The showing of the Al Gore movie (Nov 23rd), the MASG sustainable house tours (Feb 07) and a climate change joke competition. Thanks to Luke Bennett who has offered to convene this project. : email: For those not on email you can call us at the office 54706978 and we will pass your contributions on.
  • Harcourt Farmers Market – Sunday 5th Nov visit to the market by Carolyn who presented information to the organisers, stall holders and visitors on MASG projects, the Carbon Neutral State Festival and the opportunities and benefits the Carbon Neutral State Festival brings for our local food producers.
  • Walk Against Warming Congratulations to Wendy French who organized 2 walks against warming in Maldon on Sat 4th Nov. Approx 75 people participated in the two walks and many signed petitions demanding action addressing climate change.

Upcoming MASG Events

  • Question the Candidates on Climate Change: Wendy French has invited State Election candidates to answer questions on Climate Change to be chaired by Terry White. Nov 13th Maldon Community Centre Supper Room, 7.30pm. Let’s go along and here their answers. For details Tel Wendy 5470 6978
  • Renewables Group will be meeting this Thursday the 16th @ 7.30pm. contact Dean at the Office for details 5470 6978

MASG Requests

  • “An Inconvenient Truth”. Thanks to those twelve people who have put up their hands to assist us put on the special screening on Nov 23rd. We still need volunteers to staff a MASG table during other screenings. Ring Dean @ office 5470 6978 or email
  • One paragraph success stories We want some short stories of how you were inspired to do something and what you did to reduce your ecological footprint for our sustainability stories on our funky website. Go to Just do it for an example, then email or drop us your contribution.
  • MASG Media File Are you a regular reader of the local papers and the AGE? We need someone to cut out and collect for us stories about MASG and Climate Change for our files. Ring Dean on 5470 6325
  • Question the Candidates on Climate Change Wendy would like help with note takers and people to help provide some light supper for Nov 13th. Tel Wendy on 54 70 6978
  • Climate Change Joke Competition. If you would like to help bring some levity into our wacky ride to global meltdown please contact Luke Bennett who has offered to convene this project : email: or contact the office 54 70 6978.


Please note these events/ websites/ literature are not MASG endorsed and are for member’s information only.

  • Coliban Water Education sessions Gardens in dry times. Bendigo Mon 13th Nov 1pm -3pm and 6pm -8pm Tues 14th Nov 9am-11am Bookings essential tel: 1300 304 80
  • Ma Lets Trading Days, 3rd Friday of every month: Friday 17th Nov and Friday 15th Dec, Wesley Hall, 5pm -7pm

Final Word

We have had a lot of people ask us about what is Carbon Neutral. Well here is the MASG definition of carbon neutral. Carbon Neutral means we take responsibility for the greenhouse gas pollution we create in our work and play. Going carbon neutral involves creating an inventory of one’s emissions, reducing these emissions wherever possible, and then purchasing ‘carbon offsets’ to mitigate any emissions that remain. The emphasis should always be on reducing emissions in the first place first; the remaining emissions are best offset using high quality renewable energy; local tree planting or local carbon abatement projects.

encapsulating the definition in single words
avoid record record register
reduce reduce avoid reduce
offset offset reduce offset

“It is not the strongest of the species who survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change”
Charles Darwin

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