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June is renewal month….and time to say YES

Posted on 2 June 2011 by e-news

MASG enews Thursday June 2nd

Wattson: Stylish and sustainability minded

Remember to join or renew your membership in June and go in the draw to win a Wattson energy meter.

Saying Yes on World Environment Day

Where: Market Building Castlemaine

When: 11am Sunday June 5th, World Environment Day
What: People on the Market Building steps with Banners saying  “YES to..”

Cate Blanchett holds a very good reason to say YES to a price on pollution

Cate Blanchett does it, Malcolm Frazer did it, rock stars Blue King Brown are doing it and good heavens even the Sisters of Mercy are doing it.
Now it’s your turn to say YES to cutting carbon pollution and a cleaner Australia.
Saying YES to a price on pollution means saying YES to investment, innovation and new jobs based on renewable energy that never runs out.
We say YES to a price on pollution and renewable energy investment, YES to jobs and YES to protecting our ecosystems, health and environment before it’s too late.

Bring your own YES sign on Sunday

Bring along your sign saying YES and let’s get on with it.

 Download a copy of the Yes Statement by prominent Australians (and MASG) as it appeared in The Australian on Monday(552Kb) YES STATEMENT and list of names

Watch  the YES video featuring Cate Blanchett that has the shock jocks all a quiver.

For more  information contact Dean Bridgfoot 0448 327 791 or

Take a bus to the Melbourne YES rally

The Australian Education Union is hiring a bus to go from Bendigo to the rally in Melbourne leaving at 8am from the Breen Street Bus Depot.  The bus will be leaving Melbourne to return to Bendigo at 2pm.  The bus also stopping in Castlemaine and Kyneton.  If you want a seat for yourself or members email Julie Kun ASAP on

Report on Door knocking ACTION!

Grace surveys Catherine in front of Beards Hardware

From the Door Knock day for National Unlock Clean Energy – 10 MASG members went out Door knocking in Campbell’s Creek on the weekend. The vast majority of the people we surveyed in Campbell’s Creek want more government support for renewable energy. For photos and more see MASG webpage door knocking report.  A full compilation of the last 2 months door knocking and surveying will be out soon.

Carbon is not a curse!

Local MASG Member, Leon Murdoch, has developed innovative technology that will transfer carbon into the soil. He is the ultimate worm nurturer. Give Leon a call to find out how to get carbon into your soil and to learn about and discuss the opportunities for abundance. M 0418 149 458



 7.00pm-8.30pm on Thursday 2nd June  at the Castlemaine Senior Citizens Centre
 And  10.00am-11.30am on Friday 3rd June at the Ray Bradfield Room
 Residents of Castlemaine and surrounds are invited to attend one of two community meetings convened by Mount Alexander Shire Council.  The purpose of the meetings is to discuss the transport needs of people living in and around Castlemaine
To RSVP or any Questions:  Leah Galvin, Transport Connections Project tel: 5471 1877 e:


Leaked report shows record carbon emissions

A British newspaper has published leaked figures which show the world’s greenhouse gas emissions increased by a record amount last year. Read more on the ABC news site.

Shell urges global deal on carbon

Global agreement on carbon policy ”urgently needed” if the world is to avoid political turbulence in coming years, says Shell in this  Business Age story.

Sailing in on solar winds

The worlds largest solar powered ship, the Turanor PlanetSolar sails into Brisbane. It will be the first Australian stop on its quest to become the first entirely solar-powered vessel to circumnavigate the world. The $16.7 million yacht, which has been compared to Star Trek‘s Starship Enterprise, relies on the force of the sun and its extremely powerful batteries. From the Brisbane Times.

Businesses don’t act on energy price rises

A recent Australian Industries Group report shows that most of their members don’t become more energy efficient as the price rises.  

Solar to be cheaper than Coal and Nuclear in Five years says GE executive.

Solar power may be cheaper than electricity generated by fossil fuels and nuclear reactors within three to five years because of innovations, said Mark M. Little, the global research director for General Electric Co. Read more in The AGE solar to beat nuclear story.

Germany wants nuclear exit by 2022

Nuclear power...too expensive & to dangerous for Germany

Germany’s coalition government has announced the country’s nuclear power plants will be phased out by 2022.

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