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MASG hands over petition to VicRoads and calls for upgrade to cycling route

Posted on 16 November 2010 by e-news

On Tuesday 16th MASG members Andrew Butt and Tim Hurley met with VicRoads Senior Road Safety & Traffic Engineer Mylvaganam Ravivarman (Ravi).
They pointed out to Ravi the high level of community support for cycling facilities and the concern people had that those paths that did exist were poorly maintained.

Andrew and Tim hand over the petition to VicRoads engineer Ravi.

 They then walked the cycling lanes along Barker St, pointing out the dangerous areas for cyclists that need attention before handing over the petition.

Ravi agreed that this route required some maintenance and promised to see potholes, signage and road marking failures fixed up, although he said that this could take several months.
Andrew pointed out that as well as poor maintenance a significant section of Barker St is not actually recognised by VicRoads as a bike path, yet is indentified as a priority route in the MA Shire Walking and Cycling Strategy and should be upgraded. He also noted that for most of this section the work required would not be expensive


Ravi said that they would put in a request that this be funded in 2011/2012.

It seems crazy that a small section of important bike infrastructure can’t be upgraded without a lengthy budget submission process, but that’s what Ravi explained to us

Following up on the meeting Andrew has written to the candidates standing in the upcoming State Election asking whether they support upgrading cycling infrastructure in our shire. Download his letter here: candidates letter about cycling paths.

The path ends a dangerous fashion. Note that sign makes sure cyclists get the message, by crashing into it !!

We would encourage you to email the candidates and let them know you want a committment to see the MA Shire Walking and Cycling Strategy implemented and supported by VicRoads and other state agencies. The Candidate’s email addresses are:
Bendigo West Candidates

 Anita Donlon, Liberals  

Sandra Caddy, DLP

Maree Edwards, Labor

Sue Ellen Radford, Greens

Steven Oliver, Nationals  

Upper House Candidates

Damian Drum, Nationals

 David Jones, Greens

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