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MASG meets with MP Steve Gibbons

Posted on 17 May 2011 by e-news

Steve Gibbons agrees to support new investment in renewable energy

Steve Gibbons agrees to support local groups calling for new investment in renewable energy.

Mount Alexander Sustainability Group (MASG) representative Dean Bridgfoot and Bendigo 100 Percent Renewables Coordinator Karen Corr met with Bendigo MP Steve Gibbons today in Castlemaine.

Steve Gibbons publically supporting renewable energy flanked by Dean and Karen

They discussed the importance of putting a price on pollution to tackle climate change, but agreed that a price alone would not be sufficient to see new investment in renewable energy in Bendigo and Castlemaine.

“That is why we met with our local MP Steve Gibbons today. We wanted to see where he stood on the issue of support for renewable energy as lately the Labor Government seems to have flipped and flopped on support for renewable energy, for example reducing the support for the Solar in Schools program and the rebate for household solar panels.”

 “We also know that the big polluting companies are putting huge amounts of pressure on to see all the money raised in a carbon price go back into their own pockets. We are calling on the companies to back down and the Government to stand up and ensure that the carbon price delivers for renewable energy”

“So we asked Steve whether he supported new renewable energy investment. We discussed that if a price is going to be put on carbon pollution from the 1000 biggest polluters in Australia that we wanted to make sure that all of the revenue raised will be used to fund renewable energy and energy efficiency, as well as compensate low-income households.”

Steve Gibbons stated that ½ of the revenue raised from polluters will be used to compensate low income households.

“Steve also said that he also publically supported the bulk of the remaining revenue being invested in new renewable energy projects and supporting small businesses who use Renewables or are undertaking energy efficiency actions.” said Karen Corr, who is also the Interim Project Coordinator of the Goldfields SolarHubs program and the Bendigo Sustainability Group Policy Action Group Coordinator.

“Steve agreed to raise the issue in a meeting with Climate Change Minister Greg Combet and write to Labor leaders on the Mutli Party Climate Change Committee (MPCCC) who will be deciding the details of the pollution pricing asking them to use the revenue to back renewable energy”

She added “ With existing technologies, it is possible that Bendigo, Castlemaine and surrounding region could be powered entirely by clean renewable energy, which would in turn would create new jobs, new investment and new opportunities for community owned renewable energy in our region.  If substantial support through revenue from a carbon price is given to renewable energy then our local businesses, community groups and individuals have a much better chance of taking  up these opportunities”.

MASG and Bendigo residents will be taking part in a National Doorknock to Unlock Clean Energy on Saturday May 28th along with over 100 other communities across Australia and will be taking the results of that survey to Mr Gibbons in June. For more details see or contact Dean Bridgfoot on 0448 327 791.

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