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Posted on 22 June 2007 by e-news

Victoria’s Renewable Energy Plan, Castlemaine Consultation Report from MASG 

The Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources held a Castlemaine forum and invited submissions regarding its Renewable Energy Action Plan.

MASG attended and have submitted the following summarised recommendations:

Need for communities to sell to the grid without paying for network we don’t use. e.g. Virtual Net Metering or a variation

Target for 2020 of 20% would be achieved without any new initiatives. Not good enough.

MASG expressed the importance of a higher target for 2025 of at least 50% and 2030 of 90%.

A suggestion to use Victorian State Royalties to reflect emissions from fossil fuels and not just their energy output. This would balance out the current flawed system where the worse the fuel the cheaper, and could be phased in as an incentive for generators to transition to cleaner energy.

Support ‘making room’ for renewables in the market.

Make funds available for Community Groups research, and for communities to identify and plan community based projects, not only  delivery. The difficulty in keeping organisation in place to initiate these projects is created because funding generally targets project delivery only.

The Road Map is available online here:

MASG will provide further updates once public submissions have been considered and/or applied.

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