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MASG news September 23rd 2010

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Comfy Homes Project
We are working with the community’s tradespeople, businesses, workplaces and groups assisting householders to make comfy homes improvements that won’t cost the earth. If you’ve got a business, product or service that will help make this happen please contact Deanna at MASG or email

Tuesday 9th November 7.30pm @ Ray Bradfields
A special notice will be sent out to all members, put this date in your diary now.

A windy and Sunny energy future needs your submission
Dean represented MASG at a hearing at the EPA about a new coal fired power plant proposal in the Latrobe Valley which would increase Victoria’s Greenhouse emissions by 3M tonnes per annum.
The State and Federal government are supporting this proposal with $150M of grants towards the $1B it will take to build this new coal plant.
We need to make sure that the State Government supports Renewables and not more dirty coal.
Let’s turn this around by having over 50 submissions from our region against this proposal to the EPA before the closing date of October 6th.
1. Make your own submission to the EPA . Go to the Environment Victoria website and use their online option or use some facts and figures to make your own draft submission from our website or fill out one of the submissions around town or at the MASG offices.
2. Let our local Bob Cameron know by cc’ing him into your email or write to him: 8 Panton Street GOLDEN SQUARE VIC 3555
3. Write to the papers and let them know you want renewable energy not more of the same old dirty power. The Midland Express , The Tarrengower Times , the Bendigo Advertiser online letters to the editor.
4. We think 50 submissions from this area to the EPA would break all records. Let Dean know if you have made a submission to see how close we get by bcc’ing him into your submission
5. get your friends to do the same. Forward this on if you can.

Mass Ride to make cycling safer on Wednesday October 13th. Walk and Ride 2 work Day.
7.30am gathering in Victory Park then cycle en masse along Barker Street and return for breakfast.
We wish to make cycling safer in our shire and help promote the Mt Alexander Council Cycling and Walking strategy.
This road is managed by VicRoads and needs to be made safer. With lots of cyclists and some good media attention we hope to focus VicRoads attention on cycling needs in our Shire and support the excellent but yet to be implemented Cycling and Walking strategy. Over 150,000 people are expected nationally to ride as part of the ride to work day, see the R2W website and register, or just turn up.
Breakfast will be provided before (for the early birds) and afterwards in Victory Park as part of the Ride to Work Day.

Our Carbon Heroes photo banners
Celebrate local heroes practicing sustainable living and have been gracing the walls of Winters Flat Primary School. They will be on show at the Sustainability of Australia’s Country Towns Conference at Latrobe University in Bendigo from 30th September to 3rd October. If you would like to borrow the banners at your place of work or community please contact Deanna at MASG to arrange collection on 54 70 6978.

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