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MASG projects & events Sept 9th 2010

Posted on 9 September 2010 by e-news

‘Retrofitting the Region’ Comfy Homes Project
Deanna has started working on developing a program that will assist householders, community groups, tradespeople and businesses with information and access to home energy assessments and retrofitting – getting those bills down and homes more comfy for summer and winter. If you’ve had an assessment done and are looking for further information and advice give Deanna a call. Let us know if your organisation is able to help with information distribution. If you’re a tradie we’d also like to hear from you. Deanna works at MASG Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Ring 5470 6978 or email

Festival of Gardens Sun Oct 31 and Sun Nov 7th. Volunteers needed to help
Volunteers needed Sunday 31 October and Sunday 7 November Festival of Gardens. MASG has recruited six diverse productive food gardeners and their gardens for people to visit as part of the Festival of Gardens. People interested in visiting these gardens will come to the garden at the rear of the Hub (233 Barker St behind MASG’s office) to pay and pick up tickets, information and maps before heading off to visit the gardens. Can you help us at the MASG office, or help one of the lovely gardeners direct people around their gardens? Please ring MASG’s office – 5470 6978 – if you can.

Ride to work Day Wednesday October 13th. Are you in ?
MASG will be helping organise this year’s Ride or Walk to work day on Wednesday Oct 13th. To make it a success we need
3 people to help with cooking food on the morning
People to help organise and promote the R2W in their workplace
2 people to help promoting this event around town?
For more information go to R2W website or click here to registering now as a rider on the day.

Replace Hazelwood Rally Sunday October 10th return bus being organised..Help send a message that Australia’s dirtiest power station should be replaced with renewable energy by 2012. Last year a bus load of people from this shire went to the day of action at Hazelwood. Following on from that effort the Brumby state government has said it is considering replacing ¼ of Hazelwood (shutting down 2 turbines) with a gas fired power station. Send a message that we need to replace all of Hazelwood with renewable energy by turning up on Sunday October 10th with a mirror to form our own solar thermal power station. Kid’s entertainment and music will be part of this community event. MASG will help organise a bus again to travel down and back on the Sunday so register early to book a place with Dean on 54706978 or Click here for more information on the event.

Hepburn Wind Offer still open. Support it and support renewable energy and MASG
Hepburn Wind is building Australia’s first community wind farm and leading the way in developing a new model for community engagement in renewable energy. We now have over 1300 members of our cooperative who have invested over $8 million demonstrating that communities can make a difference. We will commence construction of our two wind turbines later this year and so we are asking you to join us while there is still time.$25 donation to MASG for every member that joins Hepburn Wind. The minimum investment for members of MASG is just $100 see the Hepburn Wind website or for further information call (03) 5348 6760 and make sure that you tick the box “MASG” on the Application Form so that MASG gets the $25.

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