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Medium and Large Scale Solar Projects

Wanted Land For Solar

Representatives from MASG’s Medium and Large Scale Solar Working Group Mick Lewin, Taryn Lane, David Woodgrove, Deane Belfield

Another exciting opportunity to progress the Zero Net goal, comes in response to the Victorian State government recent announcement for reverse auctions – similar to a tendering process – for large scale renewable energy projects.

MASG is encouraging Mount Alexander Shire farmers to get in contact, and will support landholders in meeting with developers that are keen to investigate solar farm developments in our shire. The community may also have the opportunity to invest in these and MASG will seek facilitate this.

‘We would like to see local energy needs met by local energy providers.  We want to support local people and local landholders to benefit from large scale renewable energy projects.’ Says MASG Chair Mick Lewin.

‘Reverse auctions have been used widely in Europe and in the last few years in the ACT. MASG has followed this process closely, and the best way to be competitive, is for farmers to ‘pair-up’ with experienced solar developers who have a good track record and can fast track developments.’

‘Initial estimates show that our shire would require around 150MW of renewable generation to replace the transport, gas and electrical energy we now use from fossil fuels,’ explains Mick.

MASG aims to support a number of Mount Alexander projects to be ready for the reverse auction bids, and they would compete with others from around Victoria. For this reason, the more bids that we have coming from our Shire, the better. Ideally a mix such as: one large project over 100MW, several in the 10 to 100MW scale, and even some under 10 MW.

MASG will continue to update the website, as more information is released from the state government.

An information session will be held in the new year to further inform landholders about the necessary characteristics for a good solar farm.

MASG encourages landholders to contact to express their interest and to be included in further planning.


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