Zero Net Emissions by 2025


New MASG and Bank Australia Partnership

MASG is excited to announce that it has established a partnership with Bank Australia which we believe will benefit both our organisation and our members. It is a great way our members can further support our work while gaining an extremely competitive home or personal loan. This partnership has already started with the first transaction underway. The way it works is MASG will receive a financial contribution in the form of a one-off payment of 0.04% of the value of any home loan referred through MASG. The money comes from Bank Australia and does not affect your interest rate, fees or loan structure in any way.

We wouldn’t participate in this sort of partnership with just any company. Bank Australia is fully aligned with our goals of zero net emissions for the Shire by 2025 as it does not and will not finance fossil fuel projects, including coal and coal seam projects.  As well Bank Australia is 100 percent community owned and is also carbon neutral. In terms of social justice Bank Australia has a solid track record of responsible banking as customers’ funds are invested in loans that provide benefits to people, society or the environment. In addition this partnership can be terminated if Bank Australia and MASG cease to share the same goals and ethos in any significant way.

Find out more, without obligation, about divesting your home or personal loan from your current bank to Bank Australia.

If you would like to switch your home loan to Bank Australia, email MASG to express interest.

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