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News Digest: Oct 13th 2006

Posted on 23 October 2006 by e-news

  • Monthly MASG Quick and Clean Friday evenings: Catch up on the workings of MASG projects & working groups in a one hour gathering. Over 20 people came to our first “Quick and Clean” Friday evening on 6th Oct and shared (in a quick and clean manner!) their particular interests and skills with respect to sustainability issues. We felt it was a great evening. The next is planned for Friday November the 3rd 5.30pm @ MASG offices.
  • Carbon Neutral Spring Ball: Total carbon emissions for the Spring Ball were just less than 6 tons. Over 50% of the emissions came from the transport people used. MASG would like to thank the volunteers who made this event a great success and people who walked or used other means to reduce the emissions from the night (patrons walked a surprising 346 km !!) Carolyn met with the Spring Ball Committee on Thursday the 12th to discuss how the emissions might be offset. If any one would like to see a copy of the report please ring the office 5470 6978.
  • CSIRO Sustainable Communities Initiative: MASG has submitted an expression of interest for a CSIRO led project “Planning and Implementing Sustainable Energy Security in the Mount Alexander Shire”. If successful our community would be part of a long term CSIRO led project to secure renewable energy generation and resources in the area.
  • Renewables Energy: This group met with Leigh Watkins of the Bendigo Bank on Thursday the 12th to discuss models that could get our own community owned renewable energy in the Shire. Contact Dean for more details 5470 6978
  • Carbon Neutral State Festival 2007 working groups continue to meet to make the State Festival Carbon Neutral. To participate or for more information contact Carolyn at the office on 5470 6978

Upcoming MASG Events

  • Castlemaine Business Association: MASG is presenting to the CBA on Monday the 16th. We will be briefing the association on the Climate Crisis and how local businesses may be affected and what they can do about it.
  • Castlemaine North Primary School: MASG is discussing with the School Council the opportunities for schools to go carbon neutrality on Wed 18 Oct.
  • Taste of Gold: MASG is meeting to discuss participation opportunities for the State Festival. Thurs 19th.

MASG Requests

  • Volunteer/s wanted to assist us put on a special screening of the Al Gore Climate Change movie “An Inconvenient Truth”.
  • Volunteer/s to distribute some MASG information around town (cafés, library, noticeboards etc. ) on a weekly/fortnightly basis. Newstead, Harcourt, Maldon and Taradale distribution particularly sought.


Please note these events/ websites/ literature are not MASG endorsed and are for members information only.

  1. Coliban Water Education sessions Gardens in dry times. Sunday 15th @ DPI building in Epsom Bendigo 10 or 12.45 pm. Or locally Thur 9th Nov @ Buda House, Castlemaine. 2 sessions 1-3pm and 6-8pm. Bookings essential tel: 1300 304 803
  2. Steve Proposch – Fuel Flowers Steve is planting 150 guide posts in the town of Newstead as an outdoor installation during October. ‘Fuel flowers’ imagines a reality where oil for fuel is harvested from a sustainable resource. Flickering lights on the highway now transferred into a field of red, the bets are on how long the oil will last? @ Newstead Race Course and can viewed day and night all throughout October.
  3. Ecological Timeline Mural opening Wed 18th 5.30pm @ Phee Broadway foyer, Mechanics Ln, Castlemaine. A mural by prominent local artists depicting the changing ecological footprint of the shire through time.
  4. Al Gore: A time for action VicSuper, in partnership with the City of Melbourne’s Melbourne Conversations program and EPA Victoria, presents ‘Al Gore: A time for action’. This is a free event but bookings for reserved seats are essential as seats are limited. No tickets will be available at the door – you must book ahead. Tickets will be released on Tuesday, 17 October, and will be available only through Ticketmaster. When: 5.45 pm Thursday, 16 November Where: Hamer Hall, Victorian Arts Centre Bookings: Ticketmaster 13 6100 Cost: Free
  5. Extension to period for comment to Gasworks cleanup site to Wed 25th October. For more details contact Carol McDonough, Convenor MASCAN 5472 2952.
  6. Check out the Get Up Climate map and action websites, and another one…
  7. Some recommended reading Heat: How to Stop the Planet Burning by George Monbiot ; Living the Good Life by Linda Cockburn ($29.95 or $32.95); The future of the Earth, An Introduction to Sustainable Development for Children by Yann Arthus Halifax Bertrand; Greeniology: How to live well, be green and make a difference by Tanya Ha (MUP 2006).
  8. Baling Twine As Art project. It’s a new feature of the Kyneton Agricultural Show, an exhibition of artwork made from baling twine (hay band), Nov 17th-18th. First Prize is $150/ $50 under 18, plus generous supplementary prizes from Earth Garden Magazine, Kyneton Art Supplies and local wineries! Entry is only $5 per artwork / $2 under 18. For information contact Deanna Neville 0428 751 090
  9. Mini wind turbines in Adelaide. Major CBD buildings in Adelaide are being fitted with min wind turbines by the State Government as part of its commitment to generating 20% of the state’s electricity by renewables by 2014. The turbines cost about $13,000 each and produce 1.5 kW of power (33-50% of the average households energy needs).
  10. John Howard about to do a U-Turn on Climate Change ?… from Welcome signs are emerging that the federal government has realised that global warming is infinitely more threatening to Australia than Islamist terrorism. To his credit John Howard has reportedly asked Australia’s intelligence analysis agency, the Office of National Assessments (ONA), to prepare a detailed report for cabinet on global warming and its security implications. It’s cute, getting ONA involved. A very nice angle. And what a wonderful driving lesson we’re getting from the PM on how to do a u-turn – pull over to the side of the road, draw to a complete stop and then head in the opposite direction. If the passengers wonder what on earth you’re doing, you simply tell them there was a safety hazard on the road ahead. No one’s going to quibble with that…

Our quote for the week for those unsure of what to do about seemingly huge problems (and following a record October heat wave….)

‘start where you are
Use what you have
do what you can’Arthur Ashe

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