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Monthly Recycling Guide

We have been donated money by a very generous community member who wanted to help our shire get the facts about recycling.  There has been a lot of change and confusion on this topic for over a year now.  So we will be publishing a page in the Castlemaine Mail each month with correct information about recycling here in Mount Alexander Shire.

Over the next year we will cover all sorts of topics related to recycling.  We will look at the company that takes the kerbside yellow lidded bins, Veolia.  Who are they and what do they do with the contents of our bins?  We will also look at other types of recycling like light globes, batteries, e-waste, pens, toothpaste tubes, polystyrene and more!

We will also have regular hot tips on reducing your waste in general in our Beyond Recycling – Zero Waste Tips section and we’ll do some myth busting by investigating what the true story is behind some of these common recycling rumours.


Click the dates below to read the pages we have published so far:

March 2021 – What is this page all about and what has been going on with recycling so far. Zero Waste Tip – soap. Myth Busting – All recycling goes to landfill.

April 2021 – What can and cannot go into the yellow lidded kerbside bins. Zero waste tip – your kitchen pantry. Myth Busting – Tetra Packs.

May 2021 – What can and cannot go into the yellow lidded kerbside bins (see April’s page)

June 2021 – Organic waste information and tips. Zero Waste Tip – citrus firelighters. Myth Busting – greenwashing plastics

July 2021 – Paper and Cardboard. Zero Waste Tip – reducing and reusing paper. Myth Busting – what can and can’t be recycled.

August 2021 – Plastic Identification Codes. Zero Waste Tip – reducing plastic bottle use. Myth Busting – biodegradable produce bags.

September 2021 – Glass. Zero Waste Tip – making sustainable seedling pots. Myth Busting – all glass is recyclable.


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