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Newsletter summary September 9 2010

Posted on 9 September 2010 by e-news

This weeks newsletter has links to 5 pages that will fill you in on whats up.
MASG projects and events with info on:
Comfy homes project
Festival of Gardens
Ride 2 Work Day
Replace Hazelwood with Renewables rally

MASG organistional news with info on:
Future Focus Review
Solar Hub funding
Helena’s fairwell
Wind group update

Other news and events with info on:
Climate Advocacy Seminar in Castlemaine
Professor Ross Garnaut in Kyneton
Photos from the big rain
Environmental Film Festival in Melbourne
Environment Victoria’s AGM

Politics with info on :
Victoria’s Climate Change Bill
Office of Solar Energy established
EPA review and call for submissions
Article on the new parliament and the opportunities for renewable energy

Science with info on:
Off shore wind power taking off in China.

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