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Twin Peaks Mountainbike Park

the-bos-geelongThe western slopes of Mount Alexander, near Harcourt, present a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investment — a former pine plantation (degraded public land) available at the end of plantation lease.

It is an ideal location (close to Melbourne, great transport connections) in a region already boasting quality tourism services, in a beautiful landscape (the Victorian Goldfields) and possessing all the characteristics behind the success stories of world-class mountain parks (topography, scenery, terrain and accessibility).

In late 2013, the Victorian Government’s Regional Growth Fund (administered by Regional Development Victoria) allocated funding to Goldfields Tourism Incorporated (GTI) to investigate the development of a world-standard mountain bike park. This first stage involved establishment of a steering committee to oversee a feasibility study and develop a master plan for the park design.

We’re waiting on an announcement, and hoping for a boon to the people of Harcourt, central Victoria and mountainbikers all over the country.

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