Zero Net Emissions by 2025


MASG and Damascus College Energy Breakthrough Team
…and we want you to get worms too!!

The average family sends approximately 1 tonne of organic waste to land fill each year. When buried, this waste produces methane gas which percolates up through the soil and into the atmosphere. Methane is 20-60 times more “effective” than carbon dioxide in trapping heat in our atmosphere and hence is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect and climate change.

The Damascus College Energy Breakthrough Team (DCEBT) as part of the fundraising for their ongoing Rode R.A.G.E. (Ride Against Greenhouse Emissions) Program, are manufacturing the worm bins. Cities such as Ballarat or Bendigo could save over 35,000 tonnes of organic waste not going to landfill each year (this would fill the MCG to a depth of 2 meters), and amounts to over 3,500 tonnes of methane gas not entering the atmosphere. This is the equivalent of over 80,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide or 1,610,000,000 black balloons!

Add to this, the greenhouse and other environmental savings from no longer having to manufacture artificial fertilizers now that everyone has their own sustainable source of nature’s own perfect fertilizer – ‘vermicast’

Advantages of vermicast over artificial fertilizers:
•Increased soil water retention. Vermicast holds 6 times its own weight in water, hence the rebate from the State government via Coliban Water.
•Restores the carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus (CNP) balance.
•Natural insect repellant.
•Complete plant nutrition
•“When I was in England we did extensive growth trials with at least 50 horticultural plants. The results were outstanding and in all instances they outperformed commercial plant growth media. Even the addition of 10% vermi- compost caused significant improvements in plant growth. Indeed, even if .. worm compost is sterilized, it still out performs commercial products.”
– Dr. Clive A Edwards. Dept of Entomology. Ohio State University

Thus the worm bins provide a simple, no smell, no fuss solution to a serious greenhouse problem ……. all in all, a TRIPLE WIN situation!

The bins come ready to assemble ( a simple process which MASG volunteers may be able to help you with)

They also come with 2000 fresh worms ready to get things started.


MASG is now taking orders for the worm bins which it is anticipated will be delivered on October 26th, the day that the DCEBT team has their solar vehicles at the Festival of the Wheel.

The cost is $135 and includes 2000 worms (for comparison, Bunnings sell 2000 worms for about $100)

If you are a Coliban Water customer, you are eligible to receive a $30 government rebate, so a final cost to you of $105. MASG will provide you with the rebate application form.

To secure a Worm Bin, call in to the MASG Office, 233 Barker St. Castlemaine, leave your name, address and payment of $135. The rebate form will be given to you when you pick up the bin (don’t lose your receipt).

Pictured above -Damascus College Energy Breakthrough Team members with “Illumenator” and one of their worm bins.

Funds raised will be used to develop DCEBT’s battery technology for our future Rode R.A.G.E. and Electric Car programs and also to assist MASG’s ongoing projects.

For further information contact Peter Sansom at or phone, 5474 2403

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