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Regenerative Agriculture

In 2019 MASG received funding from the North Central Catchment Management Authority (CMA) to facilitate a three year program about regenerative agriculture methods.

Regenerative agriculture has been identified as a critical means by which we can mitigate climate change and also develop greater resilience to the effects of global warming. The practice draws carbon down into the earth and out of the atmosphere, which can be measured though testing for organic carbon levels in the soil.  Healthier soils store water and nutrients better making more resilient plants and more drought resilient landscapes.

The three year program involves workshops and information sessions for a core group of local farmers.  They commit to adopting the regenerative agriculture methods during that time and have their soil tested before and after to assess any changes in its carbon levels.

For first part of the program please click here: Regen Agric Flier 2019 Program Overview

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Watch Past Sessions:

Click here to watch some of the sessions we have run so far.  The North Central Catchment Management Authority  (NCCMA) has been recording the sessions where possible. There is some delay between a session and it being available on you-tube, so please be patient if you are hoping to see a particular session after the event.


This photo is of some of the workers at Holy Goat farm, one of the Regenerative Agriculture participating farms.

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