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  • Commuter Cycling
  • Following are links to sites about sensible, healthy, non-polluting, pedal powered transport – ideas for creating cycling and pedestrian friendly towns and cities, and a little help on choosing a bike.

    Comfort, hybrid, city, or utility bicycles

    If you are going to choose to jump on your bike, rather than take the car, then it helps to have a bike that is comfortable, easy to ride, and that can carry some luggage. You may not want one of the ubiquitous mountain or road bikes – there are alternatives.
    1. Frames: step-through frames are suitable for ladies and gentlemen; diamond frames are suitable for the younger and more agile.
    2. Bicycle categories: mountain bike – for riding up and down rocky or muddy tracks; road bike – for fast riding on relatively smooth surfaces; commuter bike – for riding around town, with occasional jaunts on unsealed country roads, in any weather, day or night. Then there are Comfort Mountain Bikes, Comfort Hybrids …

    Following is a selection of bicycles worth considering. Please consult your local bike shop about your particular needs.

    Commuter bicycle considerations: say you buy a bike for $1000 – it will probably last you 20 years – maybe a $25 service each year (or DIY) – that’s an annual transport cost of $75.

    How do I carry bigger loads and children?

    Commuter cycling around the world

    Cycling is a major form of transport in many cities around the world, with very active support from government. Click on images to link to articles or video.

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