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Posted on 22 September 2010 by e-news

Hi folks

MASG went to a hearing at the EPA on Tuesday Sept 21st to hear about a new coal fired power plant proposal in the Latrobe Valley. We need to make sure that the State Government supports Renewables and not more dirty coal.

The State and Federal government are supporting this proposal with $150M of grants towards the $1B it will take to build this new coal plant.
Let’s turn this around by making a submission to the EPA opposing the proposal before October 6th.
Step 1
Make a submission to the EPA . Go to the Environment Victoria website and use their online option at or use some facts and figures to make your own draft submission from the information below and post it to:
EPA Victoria
GPO Box 4395
Melbourne Victoria 3001

Step 2
Let our local member of the State Parliament the Honourable Mr. Bob Cameron know by cc’ing him into your email or write 8 Panton Street GOLDEN SQUARE VIC 3555

Step 3
Write to the papers and let them know you want renewable energy not more of the same old dirty power. The Midland Express , The Tarrengower Times , the Bendigo Advertiser

Step 4
We think 50 submissions from this area to the EPA would break all records. Let Dean know if you have made a submission to see how close we get by bcc’ing him into your submission

Step 5
Tell your friends to do the same.


The new application to the EPA by HRL-Dual Gas to build a coal-fired power station in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley if approved will increase Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions by up to 4.2 million tonnes each year and keep Victoria locked into dependence on polluting coal for decades to come.

The Commonwealth and State Governments have promised to provide $150 M in grants to help fund the $1B project.

MASG along with Environment Victoria and a large number of other groups are calling on the EPA and the State Government to reject the proposal, and rule out any new coal-fired power stations for Victoria.

We know that the EPA needs to take into account community concern about the power station as a guiding principle for making its decision about whether or not to approve the power station.
By making a submission you can make sure that your concerns are heard.

This proposal is crazy given that the state government passed the Climate Change Bill legislation setting a target to reduce the state’s greenhouse emissions by 20 percent by 2020 and reduce emissions from coal. Building a new coal-fired power station is out of line with that target.

It would also be completely hypocritical of the state government to commit to retire 400MW of coal generation at Hazelwood, only to approve a new 600MW coal-fired power station with the same level of total emissions.

Feel free to use this DRAFT submission from Environment Victoria to use as you see fit, or download it and print it off here for posting print-letter-epa-submission-on-hrl-dual-gas-project-wa-67041.

    EPA submission on HRL Dual Gas project WA 67043

Dear Premier Brumby and Mr. John Merritt,

I’m very concerned about the proposed new coal-fired power station for Victoria, HRL Dual Gas.

Like millions of other Victorians, I want to see action to reduce our greenhouse pollution and create a safe climate for all. Yet a new coal-fired power station in Victoria would increase our greenhouse pollution by up to 4.2 million tonnes per year and lock in dependence on polluting coal for decades to come.

I’m calling on the EPA to reject this proposal for a new coal-fired power station in Victoria.

As you will be aware the EPA is guided in its decision-making by principles of precaution against environmental damage, of intergenerational equity to protect and enhance our environment for future generations, of shared responsibility for protecting our environment, and importantly by the principle of accountability – that the aspirations of the people of Victoria for environmental quality should drive environmental improvement.

The EPA is also required to enforce best practice through its decision-making, yet burning brown coal for power is not best practice when genuine clean energy projects are on the table and ready to go across the state.

Finally, this proposed coal-fired power station is inconsistent with the government’s policy to reduce Victoria’s greenhouse pollution by 20 per cent by 2020 and instead will increase our pollution by about 3 percent annually.

As a Victorian I aspire to a safe climate, clean air, fresh water and a healthy environment for myself, my family and my community. I’m calling on you to act now to stop this polluting power station from going ahead.

Please consider this letter a formal objection to the proposal.

Yours sincerely,

post it to:
EPA Victoria
GPO Box 4395
Melbourne Victoria 3001

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