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sustainable e-news 26 Oct 2007

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MASG spring calendar event summary:
9th & 10th Nov: Renewables Expo – Dr Mark Diesendorf opening night
11 November: Walk Against Warming – MASG goes to Melbourne
3rd – 11th Nov: Castlemaine Garden Festival – MASG Garden open
16th November: Movie Fundraiser – The Bicycle Thief

Renewable Energy Expo: Campbells Creek Community Centrespeakers on Friday 9th in the evening and exhibits all day Saturday, 10th November

Friday Night: Dr Mark Diesendorf is keynote speaker at the opening of our Renewables Expo. Dr Diesendorf is one of Australia’s foremost experts on renewable energy. He will outline how Australia can dramatically cut its greenhouse pollution with practical, no-nonsense actions using currently available renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency measures. Dr Diesendorf said “Current renewable energy technologies and energy efficiency can make huge cuts in our emissions, but the need for action is urgent. We need to start now, and once we are underway we may see new opportunities for greater emission reductions, but a 30% reduction in Australia’s total emissions by 2020 is possible”

LOCAL INVENTION POWERS RENEWABLE EXPO The presentations will be powered by renewable energy from burning woody waste in a gasifier made by CSIRO scientist and local resident, John Sanderson. John says: “We hope to start commercial production of these units soon – preferably in Castlemaine. It is a great alternative energy source for right now. And on the farm, bioenergy-based generation could be your home-growing alternative to fossil fuels”. Friday timetable:

7.00 pm – arrive for refreshments
7.30 pm – opening ceremony: welcome to country, and opening remarks from the Mayor
7.45 pm – Per Bernard: the community wind story from Hepburn Renewable Energy
8.15 pm – Dr Mark Diesendorf: see below
9.00 pm – personal stories about installing solar technology, from Michael Reeves, Doug Falconer and Stuart Jamieson {The Solar Bloke},

ON SATURDAY, the Expo shows the latest in renewable energy that you can use now. What role is there for solar PV, solar hot water, biomass, electric cars in your domestic, school and business life? You can see, touch and ask all about renewable technology. With improvements all the time this is a great chance to talk to the manufacturers and get involved in the renewable future. For more details on the Expo contact Jayson Burhop on 5470 6978 or

Renewable Energy Expo A5 Flyer

Full House for Diesendorf: Only 12 booking so far! MASG wants to fill the Campbells Creek Community Centre and demonstrate the support for Renewable Energy in our area. Tell your friends, and RSVP to We will be publicising the RSVP tally each week as we count down. Other good stories on renewables in:

Barefoot Solar Engineers

Help NEEDED! We needed a lot of assistance with promoting and running the expo:

** Two people to run a stall at the Wesley Hill market on Sat 3rd Nov and another two for a stall at Mostyn Street on the same day. (see us at Wesley Hill on Saturday 27 Oct as well.)

** A team or teams to promote the expo through the use of the renewable energy trailer at the Maldon Folk Festival on 3rd Nov and Farmers’ Market at in Harcourt on Sun 4th Nov.

** and at the Expo: Saturday from 9am until around 4pm : A team to run the BBQ at the expo and make sure all presenters and exhibitors are provided with well prepared wholesome tucker; and a team to assist with packing solar car track into trailer at the Castlemaine secondary college early, setting up track at expo and dismantling at the end of the day. [Saturday from 8am and at 4pm.]

3rd – 11th Nov.: Castlemaine Garden Festival – MASG demonstration garden at the rear of the office will be open. Peter and his team have made great progress. The raised beds are complete and the watering system is in place, although we have no water to test it with!! Please let Peter know if you can help at any time ( or 5474 2403)

Walk Against Warming – Sunday, 11th November. Let’s make sure Mount Alexander is well represented at this year’s Walk Against Warming event in Melbourne. Local Rally at 9.30 and then take 10.10am train to Melbourne – booking seats on this train is necessary, so if you plan to go, let us know before 3 November – we can ask V-Line for an extra carriage if we really do well! Email Local info from Heather Barrett on 0409 327791 and

WANTED: old mobile phones. Please drop them at the MASG office. We will receive $5/phone from EnviroFone. Phones will be recycled: less toxic waste to landfill….and clean out your cupboard too! Proceeds to MASG’s Solar-on-Public-Buildings Fund.

Cycling’s Big Night Out: Bookings for the fundraiser at the Theatre Royal on Friday Nov.16th are going very well. Downstairs is heavily booked, though there are still some good seats left. Upstairs tickets will start selling next week. You can purchase tickets at the House of Fergus Frog in Barker St, $20 and $16. This will be a great night for cyclists and lovers of film, comedy and things Italian, as well as all supporters of a more sustainable Castlemaine. We’re aiming for a full house so get tickets early and avoid disappointment. Inquiries to Neil on 54 723 094

MASG in the NEWS

Ian was on ABC regional radio in NSW on Monday, doing an extended interview on how MASG was set up and what we do. Dean was on ABC Bendigo radio reporting on last week’s Finding Our Power forum. The New-York based Epoch Times (an independent global news site) mentions MASG.

OTHER EVENTS and NEWS, not endorsed by MASG

Oxfam Walk against Want, Sunday October 28 starting between 11.00am and 1.00pm, Castlemaine Botanical Gardens. Walk, run or cycle 5 or 10 km along bush roads to the north of the Gardens, or walk around Lake Joanna. Aca-fellas and char warblers at 11am. Bring a picnic lunch if you like. Judy Tregear: 5470 5747 for details.

Did we pass peak oil extraction in 2006? The UK Guardian says extraction shows we did.

Peak oil ‘guru’ Richard Heinberg now addresses “Peak Everything” in his new book.

“While coal is often referred to as being an abundant fossil fuel, a recent study updating global reserves and production forecasts concludes that global coal production will peak and begin to decline in ten to twenty years. The problem of uranium supply beyond mid-century is well attested by studies, but has not received sufficient public attention.
[sources: Energy Watch Group, and Richard Heinberg, “Burning the Furniture“]

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