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The Next Generation Trailer Update: October 2017

MASG is currently in the final stages of the design process for the Next Generation Wash Against Waste trailer.

This has been made possible by funds from The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, and local sponsors, as well as many MASG volunteers who have worked so hard on washing to reduce waste.
Plans are drawn up and getting costed – the design and systems are improved – as we are learning from 10 years use of the previous trailer.

The first trailer will continue to be available.

The aim of the Next Generation Trailer, is that is will be available for use in neighboring shires, whilst also being accessible to local groups.

MASG are also creating the design with a design template in mind, that has seen interest from groups, event organisers and councils from across the country.

For more information about hiring the Wash Against Service, including the full trailer event unit, or to hire reusable crockery, head to the Wash Against Waste webpage here.

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