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We’re moving!

Posted on 9 April 2014 by e-news

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MASG is shifting – tomorrow!

As you may know we are moving, to brighter and better lodgings at 325 Barker St.
We are hoping to do the heavy lifting of the desks and filing tomorrow, 10 April, and are looking for people to help with suitable vehicles, trolleys and ‘spatial ability’ – where to put stuff.
Please let Anna (0435 291 835) know if you have at least an hour available, morning or afternoon. Love your work!

5225406-3x2-700x467Australia’s solar PV costs have plunged

A combination of solar and affordable storage might not be as far away from the market as you might think.
Read the full story




7q7kqmg6-1362372282Coping with hotter summers: the challenge for our electricity system

The Melbourne Energy Institute and Grattan Institute are hosting a public forum on the future of peak demand in Australia. Booking details here.

6.30pm, Wednesday 30 April 2014

Carrillo Gantner Theatre, Sidney Myer Asia Centre, University of Melbourne


Day of Divestment coming

In Castlemaine there will be an action outside some of the Big Four banks on the National Day of Divestment Action, on 2 May. The day is part of actions around the country, as the topic of divestment heats up.

Keep tuned in, and those of you on Facebook will be able to check there as well.

environment_fossil_fuel_divestment_180What is divestment?

My bank chose fossil fuels, so I chose another bank. It’s as simple – and as complicated – as that.

While it may be difficult to unhitch yourself from a web of loans, many small actions can make a difference – divesting just from your credit card (which makes a great deal of money for the banks) or moving term deposits, or closing an unused or underused account.

Above all, let the bank know why you are doing it! And read more

The Hub Plot Jottings

The garden plots are growing on Templeton Street.

Thanks to all the Hub Plotters who put in a stellar effort to construct and fill the new wicking bed on Monday.  We finished a new Hub Plot street plot garden bed out in Templeton Street. We are planning to plant coloured chard and peas in it.

P3310070[1]Thanks to Vince for providing some new chooks to the Hub Plot. We now have five beauties in our Chook Mahal.  Pictured here is our wicking bath which provides a constant source of greens to our gals.  We call it their salad bar.

We’ve been planting broad beans, peas and garlic at the Hub Plot.  With this rain we’ve been having they should be up in no time.



Solar Cooker Making Workshop, Castlemaine

During the Anzac weekend (Sat and Sun, 26-27 April), 24 lucky people can participate in two solar cooker making workshops.

Stan and Jane Cajdler of Brisbane run a non-profit concern “Sizzling Solar Systems”, promoting solar cooking. They design, construct and use solar cooking devices passing gained knowledge on to others by encouraging and supporting people to make their own solar cookers from new and recycled materials via workshops and presentations.

Contact Karen at the Castlemaine Community House to book a spot. Places are limited. Cost is $50 including all materials. For information see or contact Daniel Johnson on 5470 6216. Pick up a leaflet from the Castlemaine Community House at the Castlemaine TAFE building in Templeton Street.



Support the community at Seaspray. Another month has gone by and still the application from Lakes Oil to drill at Seaspray has not been approved.

Here are a few ideas.

1/ Please sign and share the election campaign petition

2/ Please email the Energy and Resources Minister, Russell Northe, urging him to refuse the application from Petro Tech Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Lakes Oil NL, for an operation plan to drill a horizontal appraisal well near Seaspray.

Please tell him that you support the stand by the Seaspray community against the proposed drilling and remind him that the community has door knocked the entire town and found 98% support for the question ‘Do you want to declare Seaspray and surrounds Tight Gas and Coal Seam Gas Free?’

Please add your contact details and email him, and cc to the following members of the Coalition.


Please BCC Cam Walker at FOE me that would be great, so we know how many emails have gone in:

3/ Check out the Gasfield Free Seaspray facebook page and offer your support



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