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Let your hair down at Christmas with Green Drinks

Posted on 12 December 2013 by e-news

The MADSG team let their hair down at Christmas

The MASG team let their hair down at Christmas

Switch on to our e-news! Switch off fossil power.

The next e-news will be published on Thursday, 30 January, because the silly season is upon us.

Have a beautiful Christmas, and thanks for supporting our work this year.

And please get your contributions in to us by late January, by 11am.

Give the gift of MASG membership!

It’s Christmas!

Come on, does your partner really want a pair of socks, or a book they won’t read? … Why not give the gift of MASG membership? We’re offering bright and wonderful things for a MASG membership this Christmas. $50 for an individual ($25 concession), and $70 for a family.

flowersOr go to our membership page for other payment methods.

With this you get a range of discounts at select local businesses, and for the first five between now and Christmas, wonderful energy-saving products for your home, worth over $50.

All this, plus a beaut Christmas voucher to put in your loved one’s stocking! Call into our office for your personalised copy.

And, your membership gift for a loved one is a gift that doesn’t cost the earth and supports MASG’s work.

Come to Green Drinks tomorrow

logo Summer HeatWe only have one planet. And the fossil fuel industry is cooking it.

We’re facing the challenge of our times, as the fossil fuel industry in its dying gasps ramps up exports and pressure even as the climate warms. Massive coal and gas exports, spill dumped in the Barrier Reef, intensifying cyclones and bushfires …

Get inspired for  direct action on climate in 2014 by guest speakers from and other campaigning organisations.

Celebrate and wrap up the old year and meet with and make new friends who are preparing for climate action.

Aaron Packard, “Oceania-Pacific Coordinator” of and others will  speak at Green Drinks tomorrow, Friday 13 December, about, what it’s doing, and how we can all participate.

Speaker: Aaron Packard, Oceania - Pacific Coordinator

Speaker: Aaron Packard, Oceania – Pacific Coordinator

Date: Friday, 13 December
Time: 5.30-7.30 speakers at 6pm followed by Q&A and more socialising
Venue: New Northern Hotel, (top end Barker St)






cyclingThe secrets of the world’s happiest cities

What makes a city a great place to live – your commute, property prices or good conversation? Find out


Scandinavian-style sustainability

As it sheds a dirtier, oil-dependent past, Scandinavia has become a Mecca for green energy, design and policy, boasting some of the world’s most efficient buildings, lowest fossil fuel use and boldest emission targets.


America’s number 1 solar utility is owned by farmers

It may be one of the oldest cooperative utilities in the USA, but in the next six months, Farmers Electric Cooperative (FEC) of south-eastern Iowa will be leading the nation in this 21st century energy source 


carbontaxFlat emissions result masks impact of carbon tax

Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions fell more than 2 per cent on an annual basis in the three months to June, undermining the Abbott Government’s claims the carbon tax was having no impact on pollution.



Support the Clean Energy Finance Corporation

“The good work of the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation is ”direct action” in action to tackle global warming. As such the Abbott government is pursuing bad policy by trying to dismantle the so-called green bank in a package of bills to repeal the carbon tax.”

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation is ‘direct action’ in many ways. Not just money – although the CEFC says it can provide $200 million a year to taxpayers. It’s also the action of creating jobs, of creating a stronger renewables industry and of abating 50% of our carbon emissions target.

We can get on the front foot – if we act now. Take this opportunity to call or email your local Liberal member or Senator today and tell them: “I support more renewables in Australia, and I support the CEFC.”


logo Summer HeatStep up to Summer Heat

The fossil fuel industry plans to triple Australia’s coal and gas exports. That’s why, with the Federal Government failing to lead, is taking its own direct action. As the temperature rises over summer, people from communities around Australia will be stepping up campaigns to target the industry and their radical plans. Come to Green Drinks tomorrow night to hear more (see above).

Join the Summer Heat movement today and get going with our summer of real direct action! There’s already plenty of actions registered, and there’s more on the way – sign up and we’ll keep you posted!


This Christmas, give a gift to the planet by helping Australia take on new coal and gas projects in Australia. Just click here.

Save our bees

Last week, the European Union imposed a two-year ban on neonicotinoids, the pesticides manufactured by Bayer that scientists have tied to the massive global bee die-off. With up to a third of all honeybees vanishing each winter, northern hemisphere beekeepers are saying that we are “on the brink” of losing our crops’ vital pollinators.

The Australian government agency in charge, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), has been dragging its feet on neonicotinoids for years.

Demand the Australian Pesticide Authority take action on protecting our bees.


camperAustralia’s spring warmest on record

Daytime maximums were 2.07C above average in 2013, with temperature rises recorded across virtually the entire country.

Dumping on the reef

On Tuesday Federal Environmental Minister Greg Hunt approved three million cubic metres of dredge spoil to be dumped offshore in the Great Barrier Marine Park, 24km north-east off Abbot Point.

He also approved construction of the Adani-owned terminal at Abbot Point and gave the go-ahead for the Arrow LNG facility on Curtis Island, near Gladstone, and its associated gas transmission pipeline.


einsteinLast word

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein



















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