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sustainability news 30th Nov 2007

Posted on 1 December 2007 by e-news

Clean Energy Lights up Christmas: MASG Christmas Lights competition
The Sustainability Group is looking for the best Christmas lights display that uses renewable energy. If your display is powered by renewable energy then you are eligible to win a $200 prize. To be eligible you could be using any one of the common forms of renewable energy that are listed below:
Solar Photovoltaic Electricity (Solar panels)*
Small wind turbine*
Micro Hydro systems
Bio-energy plants – gas fired and steam driven generators/engines
*energy from both of these systems will need to be able to be stored for overnight use (typically in battery banks or in small batteries in the lights themselves)

To enter contact MASG and, most importantly, let the voting public know your in the running with a sign that tells us you’re using clean renewable energy. Make your own sign or pick one up from the MASG office. If you’re not currently using renewable energy it’s not too late to make the switch to a cleaner future. For more details contact or 5470 6978

GREAN report – Ian and Bron attended the grass roots eco-networking conference in Albury along with 40 others last weekend. Report available from

Gardens and Gardening: over 130 people visited the MASG open garden during the festival. Well done to Peter and his team. The Farmer John movie generated extra interest in a community supported agriculture scheme. Please email if you want to know more. Meanwhile, here is a weedy story.


Recognition of volunteers on Wednesday 5 December as part of Shire’s vision to strengthen volunteerism. Afternoon tea in Castlemaine and/or BBQ at Newstead. Call Jen Sharman at the council on 5471 1802 for details

INNOVATIVE USES OF RENEWABLE ENERGY TECHNOLOGY Ballarat University – High Tech Solar Façade: The Northern façade of the University of Ballarat’s new Building and Construction Training Centre has been turned in a solar power generation system with the addition of thin films of transparent amorphous silicon material with photovoltaic properties on 85 glass panels. The system is the largest installation of semi transparent photovoltaic glass in Australia and generates approximately 7.3 MWhr per year, saving 10.2 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. The coating also reduces the heat entering the building, resulting in a 40% reduction in air conditioning costs, while still providing visibility to the outside world.

Useful resource on global climate; good case studies and graphics.

Bendigo School Cycling and Pedestrian Strategy: Bicycle Victoria has been assisting primary and secondary schools in the City of Greater Bendigo to increase rates of walking and riding. Council Traffic Engineers are now implementing our infratructure recomendations. The program combines promotions and incentives with physical infrastructure upgrades in order to effectively change travel behaviour. Travel patterns at each school are measured through monthly ‘Hands Up’ active travel surveys, the results of which are sent to Council each month.

Yallourn Flood: thanks to John Sanderson who sent the following link. It shows real time price and demand for electricity – there was a big price spike when the flood happened and when there is a hot day it sky-rockets. If you are bored with looking for rain on the Met office radar site, this is a good alternative.

Long but significant speech from US businessman; includes: “I heard it first from Tim Wirth, former Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs, though I think he may have heard it from Sylvia Earle. Tim said, “Get it straight, don’t overlook the obvious. The economy is the wholly owned subsidiary of the environment. It’s not the other way ’round, the way an economist might have you believe. The economy is the child, the environment is the parent. We cannot hope to have a prosperous child without a healthy parent“.”

All power co-opts, and absolute power co-opts absolutely.” (MacIntyre, 1981)


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