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Good news despite our governments

Posted on 3 October 2013 by e-news

Switch on to our e-news! Switch off fossil power. The next e-news will be published on Thursday, 17 October, so get your contributions in to us then, by 11am.

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MASG’s new Constitution is coming

hospital1We are reviewing our Constitution, and will post it on our website when the work is done. The changes will mostly be minor, but we want to keep you up to speed with what we’re doing. We’ll let you know when the new Constitution is available, and where you can find it on our site. Flowers will be accepted.

October: buy nothing new month

Second-hand shops everywhere are setting themselves up for a busier time than usual as Buy Nothing New Month kicks in.


il_570xN.313707596National Ride2Work Day

Wednesday, 16 October 2013 –  the perfect opportunity to have a go at riding to work, or celebrate your regular commute. Check the website for the location of free community breakfasts held across the country celebrating the morning commute on two wheels.




NSW wind farm approved

Infigen Energy has won final approval for its 33-turbine Bodangora wind farm, and notched up an important win against the anti-wind movement, after the NSW Planning Assessment Commission dismissed community concerns that noise from the turbines would affect their health.

Downed by Abbott Government, not out

A social media campaign to fund a replacement for the abolished Climate Commission through private donations has proved a huge success, and raised $1 million in donations. You can donate to the new Climate Council.

coldhouseThe Alternative Technology Association seeks cold house candidates

ATA are working with Environment Victoria on the ‘One Million Homes’ program, to highlight energy efficiency across Victoria.

Does your house need efficiency improvements? Volunteering would involve allowing one ATA staff member, and one EV staff member, access inside your home in the next couple of weeks, to undertake a basic audit. You’ll be famous (in the local paper) and will get to help push the government to fund efficiency.

If you are interested, contact Charlie Davie at Environment Victoria on 03 9341 8108 or  The ABS reports that in 2012, the average Australian household spent $39 per week on electricity and gas for their homes and $60 per week on fuel for vehicles, according to a new report by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


crowded trainRegional Victoria’s transport needs

RACV is conducting a major advocacy campaign to better understand transport needs in regional Victoria and how they can be addressed. Tell them what you think for your chance to win. Visit the website and complete the survey.





Latest from the IPCC

The first instalment in the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest scientific assessment on climate science came out last month, and it’s loaded with dense terminology, expressions of uncertainty, and nearly impenetrable graphics. But it’s made simple here: what you need to know, in number and chart form.




Fracking headache for Dennis Napthine

The Napthine Government is headed for a pre-election showdown with farmers, miners and environmentalists as it decides whether to lift a moratorium on the controversial practice of fracking.



ChangingGears-Stoneman's Castlemaine

Changing Gears

Meet Greg Foyster and Sophie Chishkovsky as they cycle into town to talk about the new book Changing Gears: A Pedal-Powered Detour from the Rat Race. They’ll be at Stoneman’s Bookroom next Wednesday, 9 October at 2pm.

Cycling for more than eight months and 6500 kilometres, Greg and Sophie conducted over 80 in-depth interviews with lone visionaries and engaged communities, all seeking a more sustainable life. For a full tour itinerary, visit

The book is available in all Dymocks stores, independent bookstores, some Collins stores and at


Pamm and Tiff workshopHub Plot Jottings

Our recent day of workshops was a great success. Thanks so much to our presenters:  Heather – compost; Pam – worm farms; Pamm and Tiffany – seasonal planting, seed sowing and soil blocking demonstration; Hugh and Katie Finlay – compost tea brewing; Jim Sansom – biochar; and Peter – wicking garden beds.

We had an overwhelming response with over 80 coming through the gates during the day. A very special thank you to all the Hub Plotters who came to our working bee last Thursday. Also to those who helped with the lunches and morning teas.

The Round Robin day of workshops was kindly supported by a community grant from the Mount Alexander Shire Council.

It was great to have a visitor from Dublin taking part in Hub Plot activities over the last three weeks. John is involved with a community garden in Dublin and has joined our working bees, community lunch and workshops. He told us he has felt welcomed at the Hub Plot and he’s keen to tell his fellow gardeners in Dublin of all the great things we get up to in our plot.



 Buy Nothing New Month

Do nothing! This is the best-ever slactivism option yet! Informed consumers take the pledge for Buy Nothing New Month in October (food and drink is ok).


traffic jamRaise your voice over the East West Link

The days the RACV were a mouthpiece for the road lobby should be history, but it is a supporter of the State Government’s East West link, and is currently holding elections for a new board. Usually only 60,000 of their 1.4 million members vote, so this represents a real opportunity to turn this year’s board election into a referendum on East West Link.

All public transport advocates who are also RACV members should vote in this election. At least three candidates oppose the East West Link.

Ballots are being distributed with this month’s RACV magazine – remember to vote in this election – your vote can make a difference. To view the card go to: DO NOT THROW OUT your Royal Auto! You can vote for Public transport. Voting closes at 5pm Friday, 11 October, 2013.

Donate to MASG

Why not? We’re doing our best to combat carbon emissions in this shire. As part of your MASG membership, you will receive a discount card that will allow you discounts at a number of local businesses. Help us with our crucial work.

Donate to the Climate Council

You can donate to the new Climate Council. Send a loud, clear message to government that we know Climate Change is real.

Post-election advice from

Divestment is more important than ever. It gets to the financial base of the industry, and is citizens’ most effective strategy to fight the extra power the coal and gas industry has just received with the change in government.

Support alternative media. Create alternative media. We have to divest ourselves from reading and believing the Murdoch press. Invest our desire for news into media that is fact-based and unbiased.

Be ready for non-violent direct action (hang on, this is not slacktivism, is it?)

If this resonates with you, the main thing to do is stay active and stand with  over the coming months. The other thing that helps a lot is if you would become a monthly donor to Australia. Click here to find out how.


china_pollution_1582097fWhat the frack! China bans coal, and solar’s cheaper than gas

Recent events have provided an insight into the future. For those businesses reliant on fossil fuels, the future’s not bright. The world’s two largest economies continued to move towards a world without coal, through mandatory measures for phasing out coal-fired power.

China took a direct approach, banning any new coal power stations in its largest industrial centres, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The US is reportedly taking an indirect (although equally effective) approach, allowing new EPA emission standards to render new coal plants unviable, by ensuring they will require carbon capture and storage to meet strict air quality regulations. Read more

mcinroyLast word

Serendipity is not an accident.

—Neil McInroy, Center for Local Economic Strategies (CLES)





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