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350 Event Saturday 24th Oct a big success

Posted on 24 October 2009 by e-news

Crowd with Ice Sculpture and world perched precariously on melting ice

First layers of the ice sculpture begins to take form

Alice sculpting

Ben and machete in action

Nikki, Rowena and Lucy spell out 350 in body paint by Ambah

150 + people with ice sculpture, banner and crowd

All images by Davide Michielin (more images below)

It all began at 8am an 11m banner painted by Judy and Ben was hung in front of the Market Building.
A large ice tower made up of 80 blocks with a frozen globe of the world was sculptured by Ben, Alice and Mohammad. The sculpture represented the world perched precariously on melting ice
Ambah painted Nikki (3) Rowena (5) and Lucy (0) in full body paint to make 350.
Schoolkids, mums, dads and older folk made ice blocks to add to the sculpture containing messages around a safe climate and 350.
Kids screen printed T shirts with screenprints by Kalia and put on great buttons made by Barb.
Deb then organised the crowd into a big 350.
At 9.30am the road was blocked by our freindly Police and Davide Michielin took photo’s of the 100 + people present.
Over the following 5 hours the ice slowly melted revealing the messages of hope and change.
Passers by and participants wrote over 50 letters to state and federal politicians calling on them to commit to actions to reduce our emissions to below 350 ppm.
A big thanks to our rigger Nick, Helena and Jacqui for their background organising and Tim, Matt, Suzie and David for staffing the information table.
Artwork by Judy, Ben and Alice Laycock
Body Art by Ambah

We had 150+ people attend; 15 people volunteering their time and efforts;
over 50 letters written to state and federal politicians; hundreds of passers bye look at and ask questions about the slowly melting ice sculpture, climate change and “350” ; 3 local media stories and 2 radio interviews; dozens of T Shirts with 350 screen printed by kids and over a hundred “350” buttons sold.

All in all a very inspiring day.

Extra Images courtesy of Ambah and Dean

Nikki, Rowena and Lucy spell it out courtesy of Ambah

The world begins to meltdown


The begginning of the end….

Over 50 letters written to our politicians….
and Harrison made sure they were all posted himself

Messages emerge from the ice

Ice messages

Little kids and big kids enjoyed the day, and had a message to send

The END…

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