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An Inconvenient Truth

Posted on 4 January 2007 by e-news


On Thursday the 23rd of November over 300 people packed the historic Theatre Royal cinema in Castlemaine for a private screening of the Climate Change movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. “It is the biggest crowd we have had at a film screening” said David Stretch, proprietor of the Theatre Royal.

Project Coordinator for the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group, Dean Bridgfoot, was very pleased with the evening; “this is the most pressing issue of our time, and it is obvious that people want to know more and want action”. The crowd consisted of a wide cross section of the Mount Alexander community including business people, farmers, orchardists, school children, health and social workers and the elderly. Dean said, “We invited as broad a cross section of people as we could, as climate change affects us all. One patron told me she had never seen such a broad mix of people at one event in Castlemaine, and that was important”. Dean went on to add that the film night was just the beginning, the next step was action. “We have to act soon to prevent climate change further damaging our water supplies, farms, businesses and environment, and the Sustainability Group will be working with as many people as we can. We have some great programs that will help people reduce their greenhouse pollution and we know that the creativity and ingenuity of this community will do their bit in finding other ways of cutting greenhouse pollution”.

Victorians produce on average over 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year, three times the global average, making us one of the worst polluters per head in the world.

The film night was sponsored by the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group in partnership with Coliban Water, Origin Energy, Department of Sustainability and Environment, Mount Alexander Shire Council, North Central Catchment Management Authority, Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance and local businesswomen Belinda Gross.

A copy of the report on the evening is available: An Inconvenient Truth Film Night report.

Photos of the night by Katherine Seppings.

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full house conversations continued busy registration tables Aunty Carmel Barry and Robyn Gibson

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