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Federal Election, Meet the Candidates Q&A, 14 June 2016


Thankyou to all that braved the cold last night and a special thanks to Scott Sanders on sound, Justin Marshall for the use of audio gear, Frank Forster and Gerry Egan for their fine question delivery, Bill O’Donnell for moderating, and the Mount Alexander Shire Council for the access to the Town Hall.
A note from Mount Alex Sustainability-Group:

The Meet the Candidates Event was designed and delivered in consultation with candidates from the 4 major parties, with questions gathered from the General Public across a wide range of topics including Economy, Education, Infrastructure, Climate, Environment and Asylum Seeker Policy. This process was advertised in the Midland Express, The Castlemaine Mail, on Main Fm, and on Social Media. At 4pm and 5pm respectively on Tuesday 14 June Megan Purcell (Liberal) and Andrew Maddison (Nationals) canceled.

Lisa Chesters (ALP) and Rosemary Glaisher (Greens) were in attendance. Independent and Minor Party Candidates were not known to the organisers at the time the event was confirmed, and in this instance it was felt that additional inclusions would not receive balanced attention. If you would like to email feedback contact:

Click here to listen to the full audio

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Event Info:

MASG are hosting a ‘Meet the 2016 Federal Election Candidates’ on the 14th June 2016, at the Castlemaine Town Hall.


Candidates for Bendigo Electorate:
Lisa Chesters – Australian Labor Party
Megan Purcell – Liberal Party of Australia
Rosemary Glaisher – Australian Greens
Andrew Maddison – National Party of Australia

Moderator – Bill O’Donnell

When: Tuesday 14th June 1016, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Where: Castlemaine Town Hall, 25 Lyttleton St
Entry: Gold Coin Donation.

MASG will be convening questions.

Click here to submit a question online via the Meet the Candidates Q&A Form.

You can also download Meet the Candidates Q&A Form here, and post or drop into the office by Friday 3rd June.

For more information please email: or call the MASG office on Ph 5470 6978.


The Agenda for the evening is as follows:

Welcome & Introductions

Define Rules of Engagement

Candidates – Summary of key policy drivers

Candidate 1

Candidate 2

Candidate 3

Candidate 4

Submitted Question & Answers

Closing Thanks



Rules of Engagement

Time is limited for the potential scope of the discussion. We therefore will be fairly strict in applying some rules to be efficient as possible with time.

  1. Some questions may be logged at the door but there will be no guarantee that late questions will be asked. It will depend on the progress on those submitted.
  2. Questions will be asked by 2 nominated questioners and will not be asked from the floor unless questions submitted are exhausted.
  3. Questions answered by the indicated candidate will not be directed to another unless the moderator feels a right of response is required.
  4. Questions will have to be genuine and not statements or Dorothy Dixers.
  5. If the organisers feel that a question is a Dorothy Dixer, then we reserve the right to direct it to a different candidate
  6. Questions that are similar in nature will either be consolidated or one chosen.
  7. Questions will be asked of candidates across all topic areas, providing questions are received across these topics.
  8. Those topic areas receiving most questions will have most asked, thus the nominated topics on the agenda will not necessarily be given equal time.
  9. Anonymous entries will be excluded. First name only will be read out with question.
  10. MASG will not filter out questions on the basis of bias and remains open for its selections to be reviewed afterwards on request.
  11. All record of questions received will be destroyed by June 24th.




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