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  • Council Environment Strategy Survey
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    Newstead Rocket Science
    Sunday 29th August at 3.30pm
    Professor John Wiseman Director of the McCaughey Centre, Melbourne School of Population Health and a Professorial Fellow with the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne. He will address Newstead’s Rocket Science session about the need for local leaders to take action on climate change in the absence of national political leadership on this matter.
    “There is compelling and mounting evidence of the importance and urgency of rapid action to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, yet Australia’s political leadership on climate change remains uninspiring,” Prof Wiseman said. “It’s surprising because there is plenty of evidence that innovative transition strategies to low CO2-output ways of living will create significant economic and social benefits and jobs.”
    His address at the Welshmans Reef Winery on Sunday will build the case for action, and identify the opportunities and prioritise solutions around this action. He will also examine how to maximise job creation, and the economic and social benefits of initiatives that address climate change and suggest how to strengthen local support and leadership around these. He will also reflect on ways that Newstead can build momentum and support for getting all its energy from renewable sources, an idea that is currently being investigated under the title Renewable Newstead.
    Prof Wiseman has worked in and with a wide range of university, government and community organisations and has published widely on social justice, ecological and public policy issues.
    For more details: Geoff Park 0418 138632 or Genevieve Barlow 0427 762633

    Castlemaine Permablitz
    Sunday 29th August, 10-5pm @ Tara’s House in Fryers Town
    For more info call Tara on 0431 837 490

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