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MASG Future Focus Review update August 27th 2010

Posted on 27 August 2010 by e-news

Where is the review up to you ask? Well this is where we are at:

Gathering information and ideas:
All of the interviews are completed and are being analyzed.
We had the community Members Workshop on the 17 July where up to 63 people attended. The Notes from this are almost finalized and will be available for those that are interested (contact Lucy Young:
The Survey has been completed by 119 people

Organisational Model Working Group:
At the Members Workshop an ‘organisational working group’ was formed acknowledging that the community workshop was not enough time to consider deeply different organisational models. The members of the groups are: Jacinta Walsh, Jim Norris, Dean Bridgfoot, Tony Smark, Ian Lillington, Christine Kilmartin, Bron Machin, (member’s name withheld) and Natalie Moxham (facilitator)
This group will meet twice. The group is currently researching other organizations models and structures. The group will then develop 2-3 proposed models for MASG based on the direction given in the consultation above. These models will be presented, critiqued and a preferred model or combination of models decided on at the planning workshop.

Planning Workshop:
This workshop, to be held on the 1st and 2nd September, will analyse the ideas and information from the consultation. We have invited 25 people to attend this workshop. The Board and I selected these people based on interest, involvement, strategic thinking ability and ability to commit to a day and a half. We have tried to keep the numbers small so that we can get through the work required but we have also tried to ensure that different perspectives were represented. The brief of this workshop is to analyse the information so far collected and advice MASG on what it needs to do to implement the findings.
If you would like to be part of this workshop and have not been invited please let me or Bron ( or 0438 867 183) know. We are encouraging any interested people to attend for the last 2 hours where we will present the work undertaken by the workshop and develop an action plan.

Board Meeting 8th September 2010. The Future Focus Findings and Recommendations from the planning workshop will be presented to the MASG Board. The Board will decide what it needs to implement before the AGM meeting.

AGM in November – the findings of the review will be presented, including what needs to be done to implement it. This will enable people interested in standing for the Board to know what vision and tasks the members have set for them through the review process.
Questions?: If you have any questions, issues, concerns or would like to be more involved please let me know. Natalie Moxham: MASG Future Focus Review Facilitator, Tel: 0448 372 466.

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