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MASG news Friday July 1st 2011

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MASG news and events

MASG map: our organisational structure.

 How does MASG work and who do you contact ? Think of our MASG map as a living, growing document!  Every time new working groups begin, we will add them to our map of the overall organizational structure, and send it out in the enews, as well as up on our website. We even sometime include groups that are being thought about, just to pique your interest!  All of you are welcome to join and be involved. Download your copy of the MASG map here (60 Kb). masg map june 2011

The Hub Plot

 MASG’s Garden Group meets Mondays at 9am at The Hub.
The group is also hosting a Young Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop on July 23rd. Contact Heather on or 0409327791

100% Renewables  update  : Steve Gibbons stands up and says he will represent renewable energy

Last Friday members from MASG and the Bendigo Sustainability Group handed over the results of our 780 conversations with local people on renewable energy. We also started distributing these flyers calling on Steve Gibbons to stand up for renewable energy. We are please to say that Steve Gibbons has stated that at least 20% of the carbon price revenue, or at least $2B dollars, should be used to build new renewable energy like solar and wind.

Well done Steve….let’s hope his parliamentary colleagues follow his lead.

To help that process ring the  Federal Labor Victorian Senator  and Minister for Innovation, Science, Industry and

Ring Kim Carr and tell him you want Renewables too !

Research  Kim Carr  on  03  9639 2798 and ask him to make sure at least $2B of the carbon price revenue goes to renewable energy like solar and wind, after all his portfolio aim is to make Australia richer, fairer and greener !
Council Waste management officer to start in 2 weeks

For the first time the Mount Alexander Shire will have a Waste Management Officer

Congratulations to Council for employing a Waste Management Officer!  This position will compliment the shire wide Waste Management Group which is up and running convened by the Regional Waste Management Group. It includes involvement from Council staff, MASG, agriculture and industry groups and other interested folk.  The group is  working to improve waste management and resource recovery in our shire & are  keen on progressing a community composting project amongst other waste and resource recovery projects.
IF you want to be involved or know more contact the MASG representative Carolyn Neilson on .

A new Coal power station in Victoria ? What can you do about it ?

Did you know there is a new coal fired power station being proposed for the Latrobe Valley. The decision to proceed with more fossil fuel burning electricity generation sources in Victoria goes against the fundamental principles of sustainability. A coalition called Stop HRL  , including Environment Victoria and Friends of The Earth,  has been formed to coordinate a campaign to try and get this decision reversed . It is not too late for individuals to make a difference so if you would like to help out on a local level to assist with this campaign, please contact MASG member Jayson –


Great spoof : Wind energy could blow Earth off its Axis

Watch this funny US video in which coal lobbiests claim that wind energy will distroy the earth.

In The Know: Coal Lobby Warns Wind Farms May Blow Earth Off Orbit

 Climate change ‘will end economic growth’


Thomas Friedman in a rather unusual outfit

Former Greenpeace chief Paul Gilding and Pulitzed prize winning journalist  Thomas Friedman say economic growth is dead in a post-climate change world.  Just goes to prove the Bill Clinton line that “its the economy Stupid !”  Read  the ABC TV Lateline interview here. 

South Africa: First new solar thermal plant and large windfarm proposed

South Africa is a step closer to being partly powered by renewable energy following the African Development Bank’s approval of Eskom’s solar and wind energy proposal to build South Africa’s first large-scale wind power plant and solar concentrating PV  power station.

Eskom will build 100 MW of wind 100 MW of concentrated solar PV at North Cape in SA. However many environmentatlists in SA aslo point out that Eskom is building  a new coal fired power station as well.

World warms, top to bottom

Greenland’s ice sheet last year melted the most it has in over half a century, in one of a series of “unmistakable” signs of climate change.

“The world continues to warm,” the USA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said. “Multiple indicators, same bottom-line conclusion: consistent and unmistakable signal from the top of the atmosphere to the bottom of the oceans.”

The annual climate survey, which includes work from 45 countries, said the Greenland ice sheet melted at its highest rate since at least 1958, when similar data first became available.

Arctic sea ice shrank to its third-smallest area on record, while the world’s alpine glaciers shrank for the 20th straight year.

Last year was tied for the hottest or second-hottest on record, but all methodologies used showed the temperature to be at least 0.5C above the average recorded in the three decades through 1990. A run of extreme events included a deadly heatwave in Russia, floods in Pakistan and record snowfall in several US cities.

Read the Australian newspaper’s story here.

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