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MASG news Jan 25th 2007

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* CSIRO Sustainable Communities Initiative meeting will be held on Friday 2nd of February with KR Castlemaine, Victoria Carpets, Flowserve, Powercor and the MA Hospital all attending to hear more about this exciting greenhouse gas reduction and energy security project.
*MASG media, a veritable flurry of climate change and sustainability stories have been in local papers lately, followed by a radio interview on ABC regional radio this morning regarding the transport program of the upcoming State Festival, and how all those donated bicycles will be used !! The times are a changing…
* 9 Feb 2007 – A Quick and Clean celebration for all members 5.30 t0 7.30pm, 7 Munro Court (at the end of Dudley Street, last turn on the right before going under the railway bridge on Castlemaine’s northern edge).
All members are invited to celebrate the contribution made by Carolyn to MASG and wish her well in her next joint venture with Dean. Robyn and Paul and Sue, who have been founding members of the MASG committee, have decided to step away from the committee work but will continue to give their significant skills and valuable time to our housing and planning sub-committee. We will celebrate their achievements as well. Jan “Yarn” Wositzky has fabulously donated his considerable story and music skills and from 6.15ish pm will entertain adults and children for half and hour or so. Drinks and nibbles provided.
*A big thank you to Lesley Perkins, Jill Gibson, Lachlan McKenzie-Spenser and Lorna Atkinson who have been working flat out on projects over the last few weeks, and to the State Festival working group volunteers…to numerous to mention just now, but whose work is so crucial to our success…and whilst on the thanks front, thanks to Carol McDonough for the camera loan to MASG. Watch out for more snaps on the website in the future.
*MASG and Sustainability Victoria (SV). MASG meet with the Renewable Energy team at SV this week to discuss our projects and ideas. SV will be appointing a case manager for us and is keen to assist us get our Renewable Energy projects up and running. Hopefully this is the start of a long term partnership.
*MASG and the Central Victorian Greenhouse Alliance. MASG met with David Peterson, CVGA EO to clarify our relationship and how we can work cooperatively. More good work will flow from the efforts of the CVGA peak body to us in the future, and as David said, in many ways MASG is leading the field in this and helping CVGA.


*Members…..we now have 235 members, but we want more!! Consider joining if you haven’t, and spread the word if you have, lets build this organisation and the momentum for change in MA Shire.
*Still requiring volunteers for office staffing at around the time of Carolyn’s and Dean’s baby, probably the end of February-early March.
*Thanks to those who have offered bicycles for use by Festival Patrons. We are in need of more, more, more bikes either as a donation or for use as part of the State Festival Carbon Neutral program. Helmets, locks and racks to use as well would be greatly appreciated. Bikes can be brought to the MASG office, give a call first on 54 706978 or email Jill
*Cyclists to participate in the “River of Bicycles” event that we are planning to have as part of the MASG contribution to the Castlemaine State Festival Ring the office on 54706978, or email Jill to register your interest in being part of the ride. See the invite click here River of Bicycles or on the MABUG web site for more details.


Please note these events are not MASG endorsed and are for members information only.
*Sustainable Living Festival; 16th – 18th February, 2007 Federation Square, FREE ENTRY Let’s lighten our footprint The Sustainable Living Festival is a celebration and showcase of leading examples of sustainable living in Australia, drawing together a wide variety of displays, exhibits, artworks, performances, demonstrations and workshops to inspire a sustainable culture. Take a tour around the website to see last year’s program and stay tuned for updates .


There has been some concern expressed in the papers lately following recent MA Shire council’s decision to make greenhouse gas cuts of 30% by 2010 that this would be “anti-business”. We will let some big companies speak for themselves how emission reductions LARGER that those proposed have been good for the bottom line….
“The goal is zero: zero accidents, zero waste, zero emissions”.
Edgar S. Woolard. Jr., Former Chairman, DuPont
Thomas Jacob, Senior Advisor for Global Affairs at DuPont, stresses the
need for global emissions reductions while simultaneously strengthening the
global economy. In this regard, he highlights DuPont’s greenhouse gas
emissions reductions of over 60% since 1990.
“Interface of Atlanta, (a manufacturer of industrial carpet ), is changing course to become sustainable. To grow without damaging the earth and to manufacture without pollution, waste, or fossil fuels. If we get it right, our company and our supply chain will never have to take another drop of oil.” says Ray Anderson, CEO. As Ray Anderson has “greened” his firm since 1994, sales have surged 77 percent, profits are up 81 percent, and the stock price is up 70 percent, in an industry that has been through very tough times.

And on that thought…
“Experto credite…trust one who has proved it”
Virgil 70-19 B.C

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