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MASG Organisational news Sept 9th 2010

Posted on 9 September 2010 by e-news

Future Focus review – next steps…..
The Future Focus workshop held on Wednesday and Thursday of last week was very successful. We synthesised the information given to us by our members and supporters through the interviews, community forum and surveys and have taken big steps towards working out our future. The job isn’t finished yet. A working group has been set up to work out the details of the organisational structure that will be both flatter yet safe, legal and have good governance. They aim to have that work done within three months.

Natalie will be presenting a report to the Committee of Management (CofM) later this month. From this report the CofM will work out what we need to do to enable us to move from dreaming to transition to implementation, while still doing the good work that our members expect us to do.

There have been many times during this process when I have been nervous. The great wisdom of our members, supporters, staff, CofM and Natalie’s great skills have taken us far on this journey. As we move into the transition stage I will remember these resources and try not to be nervous again. Thank you all so much for your contributions.

Participators’ meeting – starting the transition…….
We have had one participators’ meeting and the future focus workshop indicates that this should be a regular event. Therefore, as a starter, I suggest that we meet the third Wednesdays of the month, from 12 to 2pm, sangers provided. This means September 15 and October 20th. Of course, we may change that at the first meeting. The first meeting will include a 5 minute report from the main working groups and a discussion on how we use the participator’s meeting in the transition period. All on this list are welcome to attend.

Helena farewell
Helena’s funding has run out so unfortunately we are unable to keep employing her. During her time with MASG we have benefited enormously from her events management skills, have been well challenged by her good ideas and been supported by her energy, focus and commitment to getting a job done well and amazingly quickly. I hope that some grant funding applications underway are successful.

Solar hub funding
Jayson and I are working on putting in a grant application, due end September.

Wind group
Looks as though it is getting closer to its goal of having a potential site for a wind generator.

Potential funding from SV for communicating success
We are having some discussions with SV who are interested in exploring with us (ie, no guarantees) funding for MASG to communicate to a wider world the successes of the sustainable house and CRAGs project.

Auditing etc
We will have the auditor looking at our books soon and will be starting the process necessary to meet all our governance requirements – annual reports, Register of Environmental Organisation reports, AGM. Never rains but pours, eh?

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