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MASG pathway to Zero Net Emissions – a report from October 2021

Posted on 14 October 2022 by e-news

At the 2021 AGM, MASG presented a detailed paper on a pathway to ZNET.  This paper was prepared and presented by Peter Brain, and we thank him for the enormous effort that it involved.  We meant to place it on the website at the time, but are only doing it now, a year later – sorry.

Note that it represents the best information available in mid-2021 and may not be fully up to date now.  But we think it is a very useful background paper.

The core objective of MASG is to assist the Mount Alexander Shire (MAS) to reach Zero Net Emission (ZNET) status as quickly as possible and preferably by 2030.  MASG, over the last two years, has been a member of the committee developing a ZNET transition plan which has been renamed the ‘Warrarrack Initiative’.

This document outlines the activities that MASG will undertake over the next two to three years in support of the ZNET objective.  Each activity will be analysed in terms of:

(i)            how it will work;

(ii)           resource requirements;

(iii)          funding sources; and

(iv)          strategic role in MAS reaching ZNET.

This work plan will, therefore, also explain the practical steps MASG will undertake in support of the Warrarrack Initiative.

MASG for the last eight years has been working towards ZNET 2030 for the Mount Alexander Shire. This document outlines how the various activity streams of the MASG will make very significant contributions to MAS achieving ZNET by 2030.

The document can be downloaded here PJB1266-Warrarrack Initiative-MASG final

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