Zero Net Emissions by 2025

The Comfy Homes Guide: Download your copy here

Comfy Homes is a project designed to assist home owners and local tradespeople in finding the right products to help make homes more comfortable and use less energy.

Householders across the Mount Alexander Shire interested in getting assistance in reducing their energy bills and making their homes more comfortable and affordable can access information on a wide range of products and services that are available in the local area or regionally. Tradespeople and businesses can also find out about what’s out there, and may be more able to answer or respond to inqiries from customers.

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We are listing local businesses, products and services that might assist changes you make to your homes to make them more comfy (and lower your bills). Any updates or contributions welcome. Meanwhile, to look at or download the local services guide, click here (It is 13 pages so please consider using recycled paper or double-sided): Comfy Homes Project – local services guide

Local businesses & organisations

Six of the large employers in Mount Alexander Shire are working in partnership with the Comfy Homes Project. They will provide space to set up displays and product demonstrations, circulate information to staff and enable people to share information and tips about energy-saving products they’ve used and where to find them.

The businesses involved in the Comfy Homes Project are:

Castlemaine Health, Flowserve, KR Castlemaine, Loddon Prison, Mount Alexander Shire Council and Victoria Carpets

Whole Shire community

The Comfy Homes Project aims to help householders across the whole of Mount Alexander Shire in finding out more about energy-saving products and how to make their homes cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter. Drop in or contact us for this information. And see below for some current links.


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