Zero Net Emissions by 2025

Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard (RES)

What is the Residential Efficiency Scorecard?

The Scorecard is an Australian-first home energy rating program. The Scorecard will enable you to obtain a star rating for your home, in the same way as a fridge or washing machine has a star rating.

Assessors will use the government supported Scorecard to rate the energy efficiency of your home’s construction, fixed appliances and other key features such as solar PV energy production.


You receive a two page rating certificate which also recommends upgrade options to improve your home’s rating. It will guide you to make home improvements efficiently and cost effectively.
If you are selling your home, the energy rating may also attract future buyers looking for an energy efficient home.

For more information, to get a quote or to find a local assessor contact:

Mount Alexander Sustainability Group
03 5470 6978

Click here to download a Energy Efficiency Scorecard info sheet.

*Assessment costs $300 for most homes, which includes a discount voucher to the Enviroshop Newstead.




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