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The Other Renewables Forum Presentations

On Saturday the 12th August 2017, the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group (MASG) presented ‘The Other Renewables Forum’ at the Castlemaine Town Hall, with a line-up of recognised guests working in both a local and national context.

Topics included:
Bioenergy, Geothermal, Mini-Hydro, Pumped Hydro, Thermal Solar and Soil Carbon Sequestration.



Please see links below, for a pdf download of each presentation:

MASG – Welcome & Waste to Energy

Introduction – Alan Pears

Solar Thermal – Lu Aye

Geothermal – David Taylor

Shallow Geothermal – Ground source heat pumps – Guillermo A. Narsilio

Bioenergy – Andrew Lang

Biochar What Why How Summarised – Trevor Barrows – Charman

Soil Organic Carbon – Deane Belfield

Bendigo Mines Pumped Hydro – Chris Corr




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