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Ride To Work 2007

Posted on 17 October 2007 by e-news

Close to 250 cyclists and many walkers joined this year’s ride and walk to work/school day in central Castlemaine this morning. Mayor, Jim Norris announced that Council will buy a fleet of bikes for staff and councillors to use between the Town Hall, Halford St and other work places.

Many schools arranged their own cycle journeys. Campbells Creek school had a ‘cycle bus’ picking up at all intersections along the highway. 35 Winters Flat and 25 Castlemaine Steiner School students, parents and staff joined the breakfast at Victory Park and then cycled on to work and school.

Certificates were presented to local sponsors and dozens of cooked breakfasts were served.

Ride to Walk - Victory Gardens Breakfast 2007

Bicycles and their riders were blessed by the Rev Gordon Bannon. The blessings he used can be seen below.

A big thankyou to our sponsors. They were listed in last Tuesday’s Midland Express (9 Oct) and Friday’s “Castlemaine Mail” and can be seen here: pdf 1.5MB Courtesy of the Midland Express.
Major Sponsors were:

Castlemaine Cycles
Castlemaine Bus Lines
Steven Breheny Electrical Contractor
Sprout Bakery
Cartridge World,
Mount Alexander Shire Council
Waller Realty

More cycle stories:

“Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.”
—H. G. Wells, 1904

Who needs Lycra?

Ride to Work day’s blessings for bikes and their riders:

Blessed are you, Creator God, maker of all living things and blessed be the life we share. May God bless your going out and coming in; May the Spirit of life be with you at home and on the road. May your God accompany you when you start on your many journeys: May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back, and until you reach your destination, may the Lord hold you and your bicycles in the palm of His hand. May God’s mercy, grace and love shine upon your every path. Amen” Gordon Bannon

Remember lord, many of our bicycles have risen from the dead, just like you, Bless these bikes, let not thy hubs spew forth thy gears, protect and shield thy tyres from flats, let thy cotter pins remain without blemish, save our thighs from unquenchable fire, and in thy mercy protect us from undue head winds. Amen. Adapted from a blessing written by Matthew Cole from Minneapolis in the U.S.A.

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