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Schools Sign onto Cool Climate Change

Posted on 4 November 2008 by e-news

On Wednesday the 22nd 20 schools and thousands of students in Central Victoria spelt out an environmental message in their own bodies. The local students from Bendigo and Mount Alexander Shires made a clear statement that it’s time to cool climate change.

A chartered aircraft took off from Kyneton airfield for the 2 hour round trip. Students, parents and teachers formed a sign made up of their own bodies in the participating school grounds which were then photographed from the air. The schools in our region were joined by others across the state to highlight how this issue affects everyone; City and Country, Coast or Bush.

Experienced aerial photographer Bruce Hedge was inspired by the creativity and enthusiasm shown by the schools.
“ I take a lot of aerial shots and so have see a lot of things from the air. But today was definitely a highlight. To see so many kids displaying such creativity and commitment was inspiring. The future augers well if we listen and work with this new generation” he added.

The signs were a way to enable young people feel like they can make a difference.
“It is important that our young people feel that their concerns about climate change are being heard” added Julie Iddles from the Castlemaine Secondary College.
” Students need to feel that they can make a difference and joining with others in forming a large human sign like this can be very empowering!” she went on to add. Secondary School students created a low energy light globe “bright idea”.

The schools involved both large and small, city and country.
“Our students are already doing our bit within the school, and although we are only a small school we are inventive and want to be heard” said Rob McCurdy from the Elphinstone Primary School. The Elphinstone students made the word “GO SOLAR” in the school grounds.

For more photos and coverage see the Bendigo Advertiser story Climate change at ground level at

The project was coordinated by the Bendigo Sustainability Group (BSG), Mount Alexander Sustainability Group (MASG) in partnership with the Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, Coliban Water and the Bendigo Advertiser.

The signs the schools made were:
Guildford PS A water droplet
Yapeen PS The Sun
Elphinstone PS Go Solar
Chewton PS Walk with shoe symbol
Campbells Creek PS Bicycle symbol
Castlemaine Secondary College Low energy light globe as a “bright idea”
Winter Flat PS River with fish, rocks and reeds
Castlemaine North PS Recycling symbol
Newstead PS River
Maldon PS SAVE !
Baringhup PS Heart
Eaglehawk North PS ITS TIME, ACT !
Huntly PS Tick next to solar panels
Whitehills PS Recycle symbol
Golden Square PS ACTION
St Joseph’s PS Breathe
Quarry Hill PS Save
Spring Gully PS Save the …with planet shape
Kennington PS Don’t wait

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