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Posted on 23 September 2011 by e-news

Launch of the Mt Barker Community Wind Farm in WA this year...banned in Victoria ?

Show your support for community owned renewable energy this Thursday the 29th of September at 12.30pm at the Bendigo office of the Premier Level 1 56-60 King Street Bendigo

 Help us hand over an invitation to the Premier Mr. Baillieu to come to Castlemaine for a public presentation of the MASG community wind power project.

The Coalition government recently BANNED COMMUNITY WIND FARMS from the Mount Alexander Shire and City of Bendigo east of the Calder freeway and gave us NO REASON WHY.

Not more of this old, dangerous and polluting power please Mr Baillieu

At the same time the Coalition government has announced the biggest expansion of COAL AND GAS MINING & EXPLORATION IN DECADES and is supporting a NEW PRIVATELY OWNED COAL POWER STATION with $50 M taxpayers’ money.

We want to invite the Premier to Castlemaine so that he understands the social, environmental and financial benefits of community owned wind power and supports renewable energy.

Show your support for community owned renewable energy this Thursday in Bendigo.

Join others leaving Castlemaine on the 11.35am train.

If you can’t make it send a message to the Premier Ted Baillieu and let him know how you feel  9651 5000 or and ring or email  Damian Drum, 5443-6277  our Upper House member and Parliamentary Secretary for Regional Development.

Tell them you want a wind industry in Victoria, that the wind industry is good for regional economies, farmers and Councils  and the environment and you support a Community wind farm in the Mt Alexander Shire and want the blanket ban reversed.

For more information contact Dean on 0448 327 791 or

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