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Posted on 6 November 2014 by e-news

Switch on to our e-news! Switch off fossil power.

The next e-news will be published on Thursday, 20 November, so get your contributions in to us then, by 11am.

And in that 20 November edition we will have the State election candidates’ responses to our questionnaire to them on renewables and on extending the moratorium on coal seam gas. Stay tuned for that!


Congratulations to our biochar and biodiesel winners!

biodieselshowWe held very successful demonstrations of biochar and biodiesel at the Castlemaine Show over the weekend, which included discussion and slide show on Friday night at The Hub from our two experts: Stephen Hobbs and Trevor Barrows.

The weather was against us at the Show, but we still had a good number of people coming through and entering our competitions – how much carbon does a kilo of biochar sequester, and how much oil do you get from a 25kg bag of canola seed.

Paula Steenholdt will be receiving her very  own bag of gardener’s biochar, and Nicky Veal will receive her litre of biodiesel. 



Come along to our AGM on Thursday, 20 November, 7pm at the Ray Bradfield Room. We’ll have a movie and a speaker and you’ll have your chance to come and ask questions and find out what MASG has been up to.


Passionate about your community? Last minute reminder for tonight!

lucyJoin local writer, facilitator and community development practitioner Lucy Mayes as she shares part of her presentation at a recent interational community development gathering in Scotland, and her reflections and experiences from the conference.

Presenting coffee and buzz: community glue and forces for change

  • Local film: The Castlemaine Story: Innovation towards Sustainability
  • Other inspiring local stories (come and share yours)
  • Lessons from around the world

Tonight, 13 November, 7.30pm at the Castlemaine Steiner School, Rilens Rd, Muckleford $5


Special Offer to MASG members

solar whizCastlemaine Environment Shop

Get $50 off a Solar Whiz and cool your home with 100% solar powered roof ventilation, which can reduce the temperature in your roof by as much as 30 degrees.

Contact Jane or Frank on 5472 4160.


Martin Green – ‘father of PV’ – says solar costs to halve by 2025

Martin-Green-DSC00589webMartin Green, Australia’s world leading solar PV researcher, says the cost of solar PV technology will halve again in the next decade, meaning it will become the cheapest of all technologies and help radically transform the world’s energy systems.

Green says it seems clear that solar PV will be the cheapest form of electricity across the world by 2030, and that solar – as predicted by the International Energy Agency – will become the single biggest energy source by 2050.

Read the full story


Emissions soar as carbon price dumped, more coal burned

Two new studies released on Tuesday show that electricity emissions in Australia have taken a dramatic turn for the worse, just as the international climate change body and the United Nations called for a rapid decarbonisation of the world’s energy systems.

Read the full story


Think nothing is happening in renewable energy (Mr Abbott)?

A Dublin firestation gets a low-carbon makeover, including constructing wildlife habitats, kitchen gardens and a whole eco system for endangered local flora and fauna

A Dublin firestation gets a low-carbon makeover, including construction of wildlife habitats, kitchen gardens and a whole ecosystem for endangered local flora and fauna

Thank again! This wonderful site is documenting positive climate change responses around the world.

Find your favourite story and shout it from the rooftops!




climate forum poster


Workshop with the Pachamama Alliance

We invite you to immerse yourself in a one-day experiential workshop created by the Pachamama Alliance (USA) with enrichment activities from the Jump Up Program (Australia) —The global community that’s committed to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence on this planet.

  • Experience deep ecology activities to enliven your connection with mother earth.
  • Reconnect with our human story and the origins of our modern world views.
  • Empower and expand your role in changing the story of our times
  • Connect with like-minded, open hearted people and move into action.

Date: Sunday 30 November, 10am-4pm (bring food to share) Location: TBC on registration (Castlemaine local) RSVP: Rita Gyorffy 0439 937323 or email

Delivered by Helena Read

Learn more at


Sleep out with Hepburn Wind

webflyer_ghostpatrolHepburn Wind, Australia’s first community-owned wind farm just near Daylesford is inviting you to attend ‘Sleep under the stars’, a family friendly camping event on Saturday 15 November. It’s open to all and promises to be a beautiful and positive sensory evening of art, entertainment and clean energy.

From 4pm -10.30pm the event will feature:

  • live painting of Gusto by Ghostpatrol and team
  • local music by Zebraherd, Kavisha Mazzela, Danny Spooner, the Sweet Justice Choir, and Hayley Couper
  • Bendigo and District Astronomical Society hosting a ‘great telescope muster’
  • pedal powered cinema by Magrev
  • gourmet food trucks
  • kids’ activities, storytelling and puppets

Tickets: $50 family pack / $25 adult / $15 members or evening only attendees / $10 kids

Register now on Eventbrite

Join the Facebook event



Climate activism with your mouse

Here’s what we’re up against.
A small number of large companies creates most of the pollution that’s causing climate change. They pocket the profit and fight the accountability of paying for their pollution.
They’ve demolished Australia’s polluter pays law, spread doubt, and systematically undermined the Renewable Energy Target.
And now a campaign by one of the world’s biggest polluters, Peabody Coal, is lobbying G20 world leaders ahead of their November 15 Brisbane meeting, trying to rebrand coal as a saviour, not a villain. It’s a sunset industry in a moral nose dive.
Our government refuses to put climate change on the G20 agenda. And their so-called “Direct Action” plan is a free ride for big polluters.
The ACF has a different plan.
Citizens are getting active across the country the week of the G20, starting with small gatherings in cafes and lounge rooms, building to a global social media campaign. The Peabody Coal-fired campaign has the audacity to claim they are a “movement,” but people power needs real people.
The ACF is asking hundreds of people to volunteer to host a small gathering to show climate change is on your agenda.

Hassle the Fin Review

AFR_web_bannerFour weeks ago, the Australian National University announced it was selling $16 million of shares in two fossil fuel companies and five other mining companies. What happened next was odd.

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) went into overdrive, dedicating a month of breathless coverage to attacking ANU’s decision.

The AFR has now published 43 stories, 30,000 words and 12 front covers on the topic of one university divesting from a handful of companies. By contrast, the global surge in renewable energy and the growing carbon bubble barely rate a mention.

Sign the open letter to tell the AFR that Australians want responsible reporting on the biggest financial stories of our time.

Smart people know that the world needs to leave most fossil fuels in the ground.* They know that a huge transformation is underway, disrupting old energy sources and risking hundreds of billions of dollars in stranded assets.

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