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Turning the heat on the fossil fuel industry

Posted on 23 May 2013 by e-news

This week, the heat continues to turn on the fossil fuel industry, as the CO2 continues to pour into our atmosphere. It’s easy to focus on the problems, but we’ve got a great event coming next month to Castlemaine to focus our attention on the job ahead of us.

And those wacky guys and gals at the UN have dreamed up something new for dinner! Don’t hold your breath, though …

And Bill McKibben is on TV tonight.

And, enter our fun (and meaningful) competition to reduce waste, Go Below Waste Behaviour.

You read all this and more on the MASG website first. The next e-news will be published on Thursday, 6 June, so send your contributions in to us then, by 11am.

Join us for this major event: Theatre Royal, Thursday 20 June at 7pm. Buy your tickets on the night at the Theatre Royal door. We’re hoping for a jam-packed night.

And get a taste of this by watching Bill McKibben on tv tonight.

Bill McKibben will be interviewed by Tony Jones on Lateline tonight at around 10.30pm AEST on ABC TV.

Bill will be talking about the urgent maths of global warming, how the massive expansion of Australia’s coal mining that Clive Palmer, Gina Rinehart and Labor and Liberal governments are planing simply doesn’t add up, and how we in the community can drive divestment from fossil fuels, hitting the coal companies where it hurts – the hip pocket.

So, please, tell your friends and stay up late to watch Bill on Lateline, and then ask them to get along to the Theatre Royal on 20 June!


We’ve hit the carbon level we were warned about. Here’s what that means.

A monitor in Hawaii registered 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere, higher than ever above the “safe” 350 ppm level.

Not letting the grass grow on waste

MASG has:

  • Put a submission into the Council as part of Council’s Four Year Plan development, in which, among other things, we sought improvements to the management of waste. We were pleased to see in the draft Four Year Plan that Council is committed to improve its waste management.
  • Gone into partnership with the Bendigo Sustainability Group, the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group and e Calder Regional Waste Management Group to develop an behaviour change waste management project. More details below.
  • Set a date for all of us to explore the new recycling venture at Pumphouse (see below)


Visit the Pumphouse Recycling site

A wonderful new complex is opening in Castlemaine, so put 6 June at 10am into your diaries and meet at the end of Lewis Drive (which is the entrance to the yard). Lewis Drive is off the Midland Highway not far past the XXXX Antique complex if you are coming from Castlemaine CBD.

Please RSVP to Pumphouse if you would like to attend the tour, on 5473 4328.


petersham garbage collection vehicle, 1948The Go Below Waste Behaviour Project – we need you!

We are going to compete with Bendigo and Macedon Ranges to see how many people we can recruit to the Go Below campaign.

The campaign asks you to register. When you do, you get a sticker to put on your bin, and you then try not to fill your bin above that level. Each week you get an encouraging enews telling a story of how some people have been successful. (Probably not good to fill your neighbours’ bins – you need to try and cut down).

We need your help to:

  • register after 2 June when it is launched
  • encourage your neighbours also to join
  • find places where we can leave registration forms for people to put their names and contacts down
  • tell us your stories of how you have reduced your waste
  • do some simple data entry
  • help staff some stalls either at Wesley Hill or outside the paper shop if we can get a booking there.

If you can help us in any way, please contact Bronwen Machin via email or phone her on 0438 867 183


Celebrating with our wonderful volunteers

Celebrating with our wonderful volunteers

The Hub Plot Jottings

Activities in the last few weeks have included:

  • Holding  a morning tea to celebrate National Volunteers Week with scrumptious food supplied by Alex from The Good Table. This was a thanks to all the wonderful volunteers involved with the Hub Plot. We didn’t mind huddling under the peppercorn tree to avoid the rain.
seed swap

During the seed swap

  • On Tuesday six of us gathered horse manure to super-charge our compost.
  • Twelve of us gathering at Kathryn’s home and give her a boost with the mud cobbing of their home. There was great spirit of getting a job done, which the family really appreciated.
  • This week we hosted a lunch of people involved in local food production. Again we had to huddle under the peppercorn tree with the rain coming down. We had a seed-and-plant swap which added a lot of interest to things. Our plans are to hold this event each season. So watch this space!
  • Garlic and tree onions from Tute’s Cottage are now planted. We’ve been gathering piles of autumn leaves for composting. There a have been loads of apples and quinces on the swap table. This week lush celery from Wendy’s wicking bed and large tree onions from Lance’s have ripened.
  • Jobs we are planning over the next few weeks include beautifying our ‘worm city’, making space for an aquaponics set up and setting up the new strawberries.

Flyer - WED Community Fair A4 - 2 June 2013

Bush dance for climate change

While Australia is feeling the effects of climate change, people in poor countries are bearing and will continue to bear the full brunt of climate change.

The poorest communities in the world are suffering because of the actions of the richest nations.

Help raise money for Oxfam via a fun bush dance, with easy, called dances by the Centenary Bushband: Jane Thompson, James Rigby and friends, on Saturday 1 June at the Castlemaine Town Hall, 6pm-10pm

Soup and bread served at 7pm. $20 single, $40 family, an alcohol-free event. Tickets at door.

Donate to Oxfam any time Enquiries Judith Tregear on 54 705747


image001Painting Gale

“We pitched our tents under the giant blades and got down to work. As far as I know, I’m the first artist to ever paint a mural on a wind turbine.”

The Hepburn Windfarm’s turbines add power to the grid at Daylesford and the surrounding area, and is Australia’s first community-owed co-op windfarm.

Ghostpatrol was asked to paint ‘Gale’ – watch the video to see how the team was assembled, and the background research.

Castlemaine Reconciliation Week poster 2013

Maggots for dinner?

UN report says insects could be food of the future
insectsThe thought of eating insects like maggots, beetles, caterpillars and ants may give you the creeps, but a United Nations report says they may be the food of the future.

Conventional wisdom on renewables? Out of date!

“We’re 15-20 years out of date in how we think about renewables,” said Dr Eric Martinot to an audience at the first Pathways to 100% Renewables Conference held 16 April in San Francisco.

It's not 1990 any more.

It’s not 1990 any more.

Read their eye-opening 2013 Renewables Global Futures report.


Advocating for solar power

The million-plus Australian residents with solar panels on their roofs will be less likely to be treated poorly by power companies and politicians following the creation of a new advocacy group, its backers say.  The group, Solar Citizens, expects to muster tens of thousands of members in a bid to defend the rights of the million-plus homes with panels on their roofs.  


 Click here.

Coalition For Community Energy: sign the petition calling on the Federal Government to establish a $50 million grant program to support the development stage of community renewable energy projects


Around Australia local communities are working hard to set up community-owned renewable energy projects to power their towns and buildings. Like any new industry, they need financial assistance to achieve this. Your clicking and signing helps.

If you can’t stand the heat, remake the fibro

art-fibro-620x349The classic 1950s fibro is getting a thoroughly modern makeover – and it could virtually eliminate power bills for thousands of homes. Over the past 18 months, 35 students from the University of Wollongong and TAFE Illawarra developed the fibro of the future: a solar-powered, naturally ventilated and well-insulated ”no bills” home that produces as much energy as it uses.



Solar panels catch wind

Solar panels were cheaper than wind turbines for the first time last year in certain markets, per unit of capacity, and are rapidly closing a remaining gap in the full cost of power generation.


vintage-summer-lovin-L-1y2i__Our summer of heat continues

Australia’s run of exceptionally warm weather has extended into May, giving us our second-hottest start to the year on record.

Explore how Australia is transforming to a clean energy future

The Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future package is an important environmental and economic reform.

See the map at:


20100816_mckibben_33Last word

For Bill McKibben, the real date to mark in the history books has yet to arrive: “I don’t think (reaching 400ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere) will be the turning point. The turning point will be when we do something about it.”

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