Zero Net Emissions by 2025

MASG’s Waste to Energy Prefeasibility Study

MASG’s 2015 ‘Waste to Energy’ pre-feasibility study has investigated bio energy opportunities at the dually located Castlemaine Land Fill Station and Sewerage Treatment Facility.

The project goals were as follows:

  • Identify and map waste streams
  • Assess current energy use profiles
  • Propose opportunities most likely to provide a reliable and commercially attractive outcome.
  • The study has identified three possible renewable energy projects: bio-digester, gas from landfill, and bio-char/heating. With bio-digester and gas from landfill options recommended to proceed to a full feasibility study stage.

The community will be invited to be owner-investors and economic benefits will stay local via returns on investment and a new community grants fund.

The project is initiated and led by local people, in partnership with Coliban Waste and George Weston Foods.


Download the MASG Study’s here:

Stage 1 Castlemaine Waste-to-Energy Pre-Feasibility Executive Summary 2015

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