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Weekly News Digest, 6th June 2008

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For more information call 5470 6978

MASG News and Events

World Environment Day celebrations: we had a great time last night at the Theatre Royal, with more low-carbon awards than you could poke a stick at. Thanks to all who made it a great success. Photo here. A full report will appear soon.

MASG funding from the Victorian Government Sustainability Fund: MASG has received substantial funding from the Victorian Government Sustainability Fund, which supports innovative projects that foster sustainable resource use and have economic and social benefits for Victorians. The funding is for a project called “Creating a Climate of Change” which aims to work with householders to help them reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. It includes working in partnership with Origin Energy, the Mount Alexander Shire Council, Melbourne University, Maine Design and Construction and Lifehouse Design. Once the contract details are worked out with Sustainability Victoria we will be eagerly getting into this great project with the help of our members….so stay tuned.

Solar Powered House - PenrithSolar Hot Water Information: meeting to be held for residents of Maldon and Newstead on Thursday 12th June at 7:30pm at the Maldon Community Centre. For further information contact Wendy French on 5475 1067 or Jayson Burhap on 5470 6978

MASG in the media
Jayson had a radio interview with David Lennon ABC Bendigo 91.1 on Monday the 2nd June about the Wind Farm Tour, and Dean had another interview with David on Wednesday the 4th June about World Environment Day and the Communities nomination for the UN Association of Australia awards. Also great wind pic/artiucle on front of today’s Castlemaine Mail.

MASG web visits: over 3500 visits this month! An increase of 1,000 since March. Have a look at our latest page on sustainable mobility, thanks to web-activist Anthony and street design visionary Joel. It has a beautiful picture of Melbourne and lots of food for thought.

Events organized by other organizations

Local Artist Kynan Sutherland has an exhibition at the Flinders Lane Gallery (upstairs) in Melbourne from 4th – 18th June that aims to inspire a greater appreciation of our environment and the need to sustain and nurture what we have. In 2007 Kynan won the Dominique Segan Drawing prize at the Castlemaine State festival. So, if you’re in the city or have time before catching the train home, call by and have a look. For more details see:

Going Green Expo is on at the Exhibition Buildings in Melbourne over the long weekend. If you want to go down on Friday please contact Alan Jones on 5474 3156 or 0400 158 349

An Ecotourism guide book is being compiled by Ken Eastwood, so if you know about any ecotourism ventures in the area – eg: sustainable tours or attractions; organic food producers with farm gate; tourism outlets or environmentally sustainable accommodation places, he would appreciate hearing from you. contact: and phone numbers: 02 9887 4660 or 0425 203 852

Interesting Information and Links

The Deakin Debate: that climate change is not the only issue. This lecture is part of the Alfred Deakin Lectures 2008. full details

Water and climate link at planet’s plateau: Almost half of the world’s population lives in the watershed of the Tibetan Plateau. People in China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia will be increasingly affected as global warming causes the region’s glaciers to melt faster than anywhere else in the world. The IPCC reported a year ago that these glaciers could disappear by 2035 if current trends continue. Very interesting article which includes stunning photo of Yamdrok Lake and aerial video of the Tibetan Plateau.

How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic: a complete listing of the articles in a series by Coby Beck.

Scott is a guerrilla gardener, a member of a burgeoning movement of green enthusiasts who plant without approval on land that’s not theirs. In London, Berlin, Miami, San Francisco and Southern California, these free-range tillers are sowing a new kind of flower power. In night-time planting parties or solo “seed bombing” runs, they aim to turn neglected public space and vacant lots into floral or food outposts. Part beautification, part eco-activism, part social outlet, the activity has been fueled by Internet gardening blogs and sites such as, where before-and-after photos of the latest “troop digs” inspire 45,000 visitors a month to make derelict soil bloom.

Eco-Standards Blizzard Any supermarket these days contains hundreds of labels and displays that make claims about the environmental attributes of different products. Organic, Fairtrade, FSC Certified, “sustainable”. This blizzard of assertions is confusing – in some cases intentionally so.

The site: “Green-washing Index” allows users to post, rate and comment on “green” advertisements; because how otherwise, are we are to decide which issues are most important, and which labels we are supposed to trust? More

These overlapping standards and measurement systems make it hard to define when “sustainable design” is truly sustainable. In the UK, new regulations will place specific eco-design obligations on designers across the product lifecycle. An event in London called Setting Standards for Sustainable Design will communicate good practice in environmentally conscious design, and identify priorities for development. Design Council, 10 June 2008.

Green tip: Look for the stars and buy energy-smart appliances, the more stars, the more efficient

Quote of the week:

Sustainable Growth

It is impossible for the world economy to grow its way out of poverty and environmental degradation…In its physical dimensions, the economy is an open subsystem of the earth’s ecosystem, which is finite, non-growing and materially closed. Therefore its growth is not sustainable. Herman E Daly, US Economics Professor

Tibetan Lake

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