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News Digest – Thursday 31st May 2007

Posted on 24 May 2007 by e-news

Energy Advisors needed:  MASG has a great opportunity for energy-conscious people to expand their skills through training as Energy Advisors.  The training will cover the technical aspects of assessing energy use, as well as the skills needed to support change. The training is FREE and includes doing one full audit under supervision for LoCO2, our new project to help small businesses reduce their energy use and turn their savings into carbon credits. 

In return, participants are asked to commit to doing three extra audits for which they will be paid.  If you have some technical expertise (eg. If you know how to change a light-bulb); are comfortable working with people; have basic maths and computer skills; and are excited about a low CO2 future, then we want your participation.

This is a great opportunity to learn new skills, create change in your community and perhaps even find a whole new career path.  Contact Jane at the MASG office Ph: 5470 6978 (Tues/Wed/Fri) or email:

Social gathering for MASG members and friends – Friday 8 June.  Ian Lillington will talk about his new book “The Holistic Life”.  Signed copies available.  5.30pm – 6.30pm, at MASG, corner of Templeton and Barker Streets.  Food and drinks provided, and you are welcome to BYO extra food and drink as well.

Ian visited the Woodend Sustainable Living Centre (WSLC) on Tuesday.   WSLC have a grand new building, co-located with the neighbourhood house and toy library, and a growing membership.  They will soon have a web-site.  A copy of their newsletter can be read at the MASG office.
Wash Trailer and Waste Management.   Rex, Celia and Con, who co-ordinated the Wash Against Waste service during the festival, met last week.  They are keen to develop options for a local trailer and other improvements to waste management.  They meet again at MASG on 8 June (morning), contact Rex on 5472 5082 if you are interested in being involved in some way.
Gardening – small scale gardening is beginning in the backyard at MASG; and we are already working towards involvement in the Garden Festival in early November (!).  A small group are also planning to visit the Gravel Hill Community Garden in Bendigo.  Contact Ian if you want to know more.
Terry White and Ian met with Principals of 6 local schools on Wednesday to further develop plans to apply for funding for solar panels.  This will be part of a broader “Challenge to Change” program that will be piloted in the Mt Alexander shire area during August and September.
Sustainable Ag:  The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
MASG members Luke, Lars and Jilli are planning a slide show and video on the Cuban experience of transforming from a diesel-powered food system to a solar-powered one.  More details in future newsletters about the event, which will happen on 17th June.  Meanwhile they’d appreciate support and ideas for future similar events or activities. Luke Bennett (m) 0407 364 654 (e)

MASG STAFF and when they are here:
Dean Bridgfoot – Project Co-ordinator, [back from leave on 7 June]
Ian Lillington – Project Officer, [not on 1 and 4 June]
Jane Knight – LoCO2 Officer, [Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays]
Jayson Burhop – Renewable Energy Officer [from 12 June]
to out many volunteers who also keep the office and the organisation running.

MASG Wanted:  Lawn mower for long term loan, for the grass at the back of the office.  [Guinea pigs with easy-to-move cage considered.]

Accommodation wanted for Jayson, our new Renewable Energy officer.  Anything considered in Castlemaine area.  Please leave message at MASG office.

The Age:  Have a look at on Tues 5 June (World Environment Day).  MASG may be there!
QUOTE of the week: 
“We do not intend to embrace a target which is plucked out of thin air,”
  John Howard:  acknowledging that long-term targets for cutting greenhouse gases are necessary, 30 May 2007. 

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