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Well done MAS Council

Posted on 1 August 2013 by e-news

windmillSwitch on to our e-news! Switch off fossil power.

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Congratulations Council

We’ve been looking for Council’s response after MASG members contributed to to key priorities we presented to Council for the Council Plan, 2013-17. We are delighted that Council appears to have taken on board the resulting submissions we made to them, particularly in the areas of waste and energy use and adaption to and mitigation of Climate Change.

We’re looking forward to working closely with Council in future on these important issues.


Pen and paper still welcome!

We are moving our membership data from spreadsheet to database, which increases the security of our records, allows MASG to automate renewals, make transactions traceable and more secure, and manages membership records better.

masgAll our members have been sent a login, so that if you want you can log in and see your membership record and make alterations. Or, you don’t need to do anything!

MASG will not and may not transact any business on your behalf without your express permission. We hold a record for you, but that’s all, and pen and paper memberships are more than welcome.

We were hoping to do it gradually, and let you know in advance … but the automated message with the login went out automatically when the database loaded. Sorry for the confusion! Please give Anna a call on 5470 6978 or email her if you need her to fix anything.


dishesNeeded: A volunteer

To run the Wash Against Waste trailer

You need to be a licensed operator, and we can provide you with the training. In late October, we have the possibility of sending the WaW trailer to Sydney to be part of Gardening Australia, live from the Sydney Showgrounds. We need a volunteer to come on board and help make it happen, escort it north and supervise/train others about its use in Sydney!

If that person is you, please let email Anna or call her on 5470 6978.


The Hub Plot Jottings

Despite some freezing cold weather we have been keeping ourselves warm at The Hub Plot, making great compost.  Thanks to Andy’s ingenuity we now have our marvellous solar-powered compost tea brewer installed. We are also working on making wicking tubs for citrus trees out of half wine barrels. The tanks are full and chooks are laying, there are herbs, Chinese greens, turnips and beetroot to pick … so late winter is a pretty good time at the Hub Plot.

Katie attaching a double sided tape to the cherry tree.  This double sided tape traps unwanted creatures such as earwigs which can destroy a cherry crop

Katie attaching a double sided tape to the cherry tree. This double sided tape traps unwanted creatures such as earwigs which can destroy a cherry crop

We held our lovely Christmas in July celebration last Monday. Twenty-five of us gathered around a fire to warm ourselves as we cooked our potatoes. Mulled wine and music played by Dave and Pamm warmed our spirits too.

The natural pest control workshop held at the Hub Plot was attended by 12 intrepid gardeners who braved the freezing cold last Sunday morning. Thanks to Katie and Hugh Finlay for a fantastic presentation.

Peter presented a wicking garden bed workshop at Guildford PS last week. His 3D model showing the water wicking helped the students understand how a wicking bed works. A great thing to know there are some keen young gardeners out there.

Participants in the Seasonal Cooking Class had a tour of the Hub Plot last week and some of our herbs and vegetables made it into their cooking pots! Thanks Pamm for showing the class around the Hub Plot.

Wicking Garden Bed and Spring Planting workshop

The Wicking Garden Bed and Spring Planting workshop at Bress Winery Harcourt this Saturday from 10am-2pm is full. If you are interested in us running another one please email  to go on a list for one at a later date.

The Munro Court Story

Sue Turner’s new book details design concepts, landscaping philosophy, building process and the challenges and rewards of how the housing development in Castlemaine grew from her initial vision to completion in 201l. Full colour, 105 pages, $25 RRP, $5 packaging and postage in Australia To purchase direct from Sue go to or email or call 0427 349 755.


Run for East Timor

On 8 September, Friends of Lolotoe, Mount Alexander Shire’s East Timor Friendship Group will host a fun run. The inaugural event will bring together the community spirit of fun and fitness to raise funds for the Lolotoe community. It will continue the good work  with student scholarships helping East Timorese students complete their education, and a multipurpose project combining guest house accommodation and a community youth centre.

More information


Free workshop

MagRevManlyBikeLife-3At the old Castlemaine Goal, 10am-4pm Friday 2 August. The Village Festival is working on a collaboration with the Magnificent Revolution to develop bike powered units to power festival venues in the future.

This free workshop is for those interested in learning how to build a pedal-powered system to produce 12V (DC) electricity. You will learn how to build a small 12V sound system (including car stereo amplifier, mixer and speakers) that can be powered by bicycles.

  • Basic system design
  • * DC electricity basics
    * Load assessment
    * Power generation
    * Working with batteries
    * Control and monitoring of power
    * Health and safety

For anyone who is super keen to get involved, we recommend you read our Workshop Handout.


smogIndiaEnd the age of coal, from

India needs energy badly, but coal is not the answer. It is dangerous. If India keeps shipping in Australian coal for energy, it is on track to become like Beijing and other Chinese cities: covered in deadly smog. To find out more from locals on the ground about why coal is a bad idea for India, click here.

Two big Indian-owned companies that are leading a dramatic expansion of coal mining in Queensland’s Galilee Basin – Adani and GVK – are holding their Annual General Meetings in early August, in India. The Adani AGM is on August 8, and the GVK AGM is on August 12. Follow these three easy steps to get your message displayed at their meetings:

  1. Write a message to these companies on a piece of paper, and take a photo of you holding the sign. Make sure that the sign is legible in the picture. The more people, the merrier! Include friends, family, pets, trees, beaches etc.
  2. Then share your picture with by emailing your images to Just attach your photo to an email, put your “city or location” in the subject line, and hit send. The higher-resolution your photo, the better.
  3. Share your photo on Facebook or by email with friends and family, with a short explanation. Stay posted for updates from us as the AGMs happen.

endcoalExample messages:

  • From Australia to India #EndTheAgeOfCoal
  • Coal = climate disaster. I’m ready to fight your plans in Australia.

Looking forward to seeing your face on a photo!

Summer Heat is planning a series of actions targeting the fossil fuel industry this summer, called ‘Summer Heat’.

Click here to get involved in making Summer Heat happen – from being a volunteer to organising an event. This campaign is people powered.

Summer_heat_logoSummer Heat is based on one simple motto: as the temperature rises, so will we.

It will involve a series of actions targeted at the fossil fuel industry and their dangerous plans to expand coal and gas mining in Australia. Summer Heat will bring Australia’s climate, social justice and environment movements together to show the fossil fuel industry and the Government that we are one bold, connected, and powerful movement and we can’t be beaten.

Sign up now and help raise the heat on the fossil fuel industry, not the planet this summer.


Ecovillage Design Education

Thursday 10-Monday 14 October

Moora-Moora Community Co-op, Mount Toolebewong, Victoria, Australia. A four-day journey introducing the four pillars of Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) as taught around the world by Gaia Education.

Contact: Shane Schmidt Phone: 0412 119 073
Prema Browne: Phone: 0439 691 834


Northern lights

Aurora Calling: The Results of a Joint Observation

Catherine Ryan’s AWGIE award winning play was inspired by the true story of Australian scientists Pene Greet and Gina Price who studied the magnificent auroras, working in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Lot19, Langslow st Castlemaine, Friday, 23 August, 8.30pm
Sat 24, Sun 25, Fri 30, Sat 31, Sun 1 Sept at 8pm. Box office: Shoe Connection ph: 5472 1251

A conversation we need

Recent conversations about carbon pricing are still framed within gentle themes of continuing growth and well-being, where no one has to pay more for anything without being compensated. The words that need to be in our conversations are transformation, rationing and shared sacrifice.

Last word 

fredkent“If you plan cities for cars and traffic, you get cars and traffic. If you plan for people and places, you get people and places.” Fred Kent









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